Versatile Blogger Award

Welcome, one and all, to another blogger award posting. This time around, Flowangelic nominated me for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. I love these tags, so of course I was going to respond … just as soon as I remembered. Ahem. Anyway, here be the rules:

  • Display award
  • Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog)
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Nominate bloggers of your choice


So, a big thank you to Flowangelic for the nomination, it’s much appreciated. As to the seven things … I had to have a look at the last time that I was nominated for this one in order to try to avoid repetition. With that done though, I submit the following:

  1. I suspect that I may be secretly be a Sky TV satellite dish. You see, I was once told by an engineer that the dishes can be affected by wind, rain, snow, and sun. So basically, weather. Well, I don’t do too well when it’s windy, rainy, snowy or hot. The heat leaves me lethargic. The rest … I’m pretty prone to ear infections, and none of them help that. It’s part of why I like Autumn: the rain lessens a little, the wind is cooling, and the temperature drops a little too. Basically, the weather in general causes me to suffer more than it probably should.
  2. I’m actually a decent cook. When I moved out of my parents’ place, I had virtually no experience cooking, so when I lived alone, I had to learn as I went along. That meant a lot of experimentation. To this day, I still like to experiment with spices, fruit and various sauces. A lot of the time I find things that work without knowing why it works. So, I guess I’m an accidentally good cook?
  3. There was a time that I was subject to a fair bit of verbal abuse in the local area. My wrestling career mostly saw me wrestling in local venues at that time, and I was playing the role of a bad guy. I did a few things that riled the crowds up enough that fans started shouting insults if they saw me in the street, and even tried to get me to fight them after shows a few times. The funny thing was, I think they picked on me because I was one of the smaller bad guys on the roster, but I had enough experience in legitimate martial arts that I was also probably one of the most adept at defending myself if I’d let it escalate. I never let it reach the point where I’d have had to test that theory.
  4. I dabble with game creation. Or I used to anyway. I once created a two-player real time fighter where players took control of cartoon snakes with shotguns and jumped around a small level shooting at each other. It was called ‘Snakes: Coz They’re ‘Arder Than Worms’. The game was released to a few friends via a 3 ½ inch floppy disk, and soon spread throughout my high school. It was actually well liked for what it was. I haven’t finished a game since, unfortunately, though I’m tempted to dive back in now that I have Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and RPG Maker 2003.
  5. I have not owned a washing machine for many years. They tended to break quite quickly, and replacing them was becoming a hassle, so I now do the laundry by hand. For me, my partner, and my three kids. Which is a lot. Much like the washing up though – which I also do by hand because we’ve never had a dish washer – I find it very relaxing.
  6. I once hit someone with a television. At the time, I was working in a store called Argos. My job was to grab little print-outs that said what customers had ordered, find the items in the storeroom and send them down to the shop floor. In this case, the customer had ordered a television. Now, this was when CRT TVs were standard, so it was big, bulky, and heavy. To get it downstairs, we had to place it on a conveyor belt and send it on its way, held in place by nothing but a little plastic tray. The trays were prone to breaking (which may be part of why the store now keeps everything downstairs), and this one decided to demonstrate this while the TV was just out of reach. So, it snapped, and the TV rolled down the conveyor, hit the wall, and bounced off onto another new starter. Complete accident, and it was such a regular occurrence that no one really cared, but there you go.
  7. I almost died once. This was back when I was eleven. My school ran swimming lessons at the local pool, and it happened to be my turn to go. I was put forward to do my twenty-five-metre badge, which meant swimming form the deep end, back to he shallow end without stopping. I managed a few strokes, then a friend decided that it would be hilarious to jump over me. I panicked and tried to put my feet down, forgetting that I was short for my age, and that the area I was in was called the deep end for a reason. I bobbed up and down a few times, panic building, and the teacher spotted me. She jumped in and got me out. I wanted to get back in and try again, but she refused to let me, which was a wise move, as I went into a delayed shock state less than a minute later. The whole thing was mentioned publicly in a school assembly too, which left me kinda embarrassed at the time, and I still can’t swim now, more than twenty years on. I’m not consciously afraid of the water, but I think that it left enough in my subconscious that I can’t even get myself to float now.

So, there we have it. Now, onto my nominations …

Feel free to play along, or if you don’t fancy it, don’t. ‘Tis all cool with me.

49 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

      1. Bah, ask away. It was a great time for me.
        At the start, my ring babe was simply Tad, and I used either a flying shoulder tackle with a lot of elevation to the jump or the T.A.D. (Totally Awesome Driver – a Michinoku Driver from a pumphandle lift).
        In the later days I was mostly withing fit a comedy company though and doing a gimmick where I was basically a skanky fellow though, so I switched to a claw hold STO assisted by either a bandana that had been dubbed on my arm pits or a pair of pre-torn y-fronts that I’d stained with lemon juice and tea.
        Out if all of them, the T.A.D. was my favourite though as more often than not I’d announce it by shouting “Are you ready for the T.A.D?” to the crowd. It was odd, but no matter how many times that led to my opponent reversing it, the crowd still reacted. Looking at it, I think that I only hit the thing on one non-training show, and that was in a time limit draw with Zack Sabre Jr.

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      2. You went to a time limit draw with Zack Sabre Jr? That’s insane….I’m hoping you weren’t a victim of his joint manipulation, that stuff freaks me out….your finishers sounds awesome, just the fact you can say you had finishers makes me jealous. To be fair, I’d probably just use a Half Nelson – I know my limitations!

        I’m impressed man – when I write about wrestling, I try not to be too critical the wrestlers as it’s a tough job. Fair play on you doing ten years though, that must have been a grind. If you don’t mind me asking, why did you stop?

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      3. He actually did a lot less of the manipulation back then. Still a lot of mat wrestling and some vicious kicks though. To this day, that’s one of my favourite matches. Which makes it suck even more that I lost the VHS of the show.

        A grind was one way to put it. There were a few reasons to stop though. A long term back injury that wouldn’t clear up properly, the amount of worry that it caused my kids, and the politics that came with booking shows all contributed. I’d go back if I didn’t think that it would mess my break and knees up though.

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      4. Yeah, I imagine ZSJ is a pretty rough day at the office. Gutted you lost the tape – that’s a really cool opponent to say you’ve been in the ring with!

        Shame about the injuries, I think that’s an occupational hazard of wrestling though. At the end of the day, you gotta look after yourself, plus if it’s stressing your kids out, it’s not worth it….

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      5. Aye. We had a few matches in his early years, as we came through the same class. He was a pleasure to train with and work with though.

        Absolutely. Walking away when I did was the right choice. Plenty of good memories too. Plus, when my knee randomly decides to stop working properly every now and then, it’s usually good for a laugh.

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      6. That’s cool, ZSJ seems pretty dedicated. Always enjoy watching him in New Japan.

        Sounds like you got a good balance – getting out at the right time is tough for some wrestlers! You’ve got memories and your health so I think you won 😀 shame about the knee, but at least you’ve got a story to tell.

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      7. He really is. Even in the early days, you could see that he’d go far. It was the save with Pete Dunne; you always got a feel from him that he was going to be really good.

        I think so. To be honest, the knee would have let find eventually anyway. My family seems prone to arthritis, so I suspect that I simply expedited the process. At least my back is mostly fine now.

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      8. Pete Dunne is brilliant. I like how he’s featured on WWE TV, but does his own thing too – he’s playing the system brilliantly.

        Good news on the back, once that goes you’re in trouble….

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      9. Aye. He’s earned it too, as he really worked hard to get as good as he is. I still remember him as a tiny masked kid on his first few shows. It was once he dropped the gimmick and started using the Pete Dunne name that he really started to improve though.

        Aye. It was a nightmare when I first injured it as you then suddenly realise how important it is for your general movement.

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      10. He’s been a revelation, I’m surprised he isn’t on WWE TV more often. He’s like 24 too? Scary how good he could get.

        Yeah, your back affects everything, if it has problems then you’re in trouble. Sounds like you got out in the nick of time!

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      11. Yup. When you look at it though, he started at 12, so he’s had a long old career already. He was only fifteen or sixteen when he was working down this way, but even then he was very capable. He and Helix (who later went on found Attack! Pro Wrestling with Pete) requested a feud when I was booking for Riot Act Wrestling in Kent, and I was happy to oblige. They really tore the house down every time they clashed, and were among my favourite main even feuds that we ran. Now, he’s even better. He’s another great example of what British Wrestling can produce with the right trainers.

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      12. Wow, didn’t realize he’d been wrestling so long! I need to watch more Pete Dunne….

        Booking sounds like a dream job and a nightmare….was that more stressful than wrestling? I’m a big EWR/TEW fan, no way could I do that for real!

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      13. You should check his YouTube channel ( You can see a bunch of old footage there.

        It was certianly both. I used to lvoe EWR and TNM7 as a kid, but the real thing is very different. Egos, last minute changes when people are injured, and making sure you get the right balance in each show is difficult. It’s fun when it works out, but difficult. Timing is another bgi issue, because you’ve onyl got a venue for a set time before you end up paying more, so I always had to give instructions like “You’ve got twenty minutes for entrances, the match, and post amtch celebrations,” or “Keep the promo to two minutes, aim for seven to ten minutes for the match.” Then you just had to hope people kept to it or you’d be trying to figure out where to cut time from other people.

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      14. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

        That timing thing sounds like a nightmare – I know I’d mess that up! Depending on other people is always problematic, especially when there’s a time limit….

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      15. You were really reliant on having a roster who would do what was needed and have a good sense of time. I was lucky for the most part, but it really was easy to over run when you’re out there performing.

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      16. THe funny thing was, I had to make it clear that they shouldn’t do it again, but I did let them off for it in the end because the match was so good. The worst one we had was when I couldn’t get to the venue for a myriad of reasons, and a heel stable decided to tell the promoter that they were allowed to do multiple promos. I told them to do one only, they did five. It killed their heat, and really interrupted the show, which was a pain.

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      17. Heh. They did better after that in fairness to them, but they all left her we could do anything significant with them. It was a shame because they had a lot of talent, even being as inexperienced as they were at the time.

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      18. It was far too easy to get anyone who could talk over on EWR though. Raven was a corner stone of my TNA main event scene because he had something ridiculous for promos (100/100? It was an least 90)

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      19. EWR was great for that. I lvoed that you could get sponsorhips and the suchlike too.
        Oddly, I think that my old TNM7 fed’s website may still be alive somewhere on the web. I’ll have to huntt hat out and see who I ahd where o nthe card.

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      20. Sounds good! I moved from EWR to TEW (the advanced paid version) and let it take over my life. A highlight was trying to overtake WWF as Memphis Wrestling in 1983 by running shoes every day….my breaking point was trying to book popular stars in each region I ran “It’s Wednesday…I’m in the South East.. is Kamala popular here?” 😀

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  1. I see it was a great idea to nominate you! These facts are brilliant! From the no washingmachine to wrestling 😲. I mean no washing machine and three kids? Kudos to you!
    We don’t own a dish washer either, I enjoy washing the dishes together with my partner. Its relaxing and with only 2 people it isn’t much work at all.

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    1. Thank you. Heh. It kinda happened out of necessity initially, but we adapted to it well.
      I think the only issue I get with washing up is that I have to do the items in a specific order or it feels wrong, somehow. That and the time that a glass shattered during and I ended up bleeding. 😛

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  2. Oh no, what a horrific way to remember swimming by! Maybe one of these days you can try easing yourself back into a pool, and that hopefully you can make new, better memories in the water. It’s always fun getting to know more about you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’ve actually been back in pools many times since, I’m just insatiable of swimming at the moment. I did have some luck when I wrapped a yellow noodle around myself and started impersonating a Buizel to amuse my youngest, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to not sinking like a brick. I’d like to get better at it though.


  3. I don’t have a dishwasher, but that’s no big deal given that I live alone. Can’t imagine life without a washing machine though.

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