Crunchyroll of the Dice 2018 announcement!

Welcome, one and all, to the announcement post for the 2018 edition of my annual Crunchyroll of the Dice tournament. For those that don’t know, the feature sees me picking a number of random anime from the streaming service Crunchyroll and pitting them against each other in a single elimination tournament. Basically, round one sees me watch episode one of the various pairs, and compare them in multiple categories. The winners move on to round two where the pairs will be compared on episode two and so on.

Now, there are some changes this year. As already discussed, I will be shortening my episode write-ups. Honestly, doing a blow-by-blow account of each episode is horribly time consuming, and can sometimes lead to me taking over an hour per episode. So, this year, I’ll be doing shorter write-ups with a bit more focus on the category battles. Or that’s the plan anyway. But … that isn’t the only change this year! Nope, I like changing the format up a little bit each year, and this year is no different. This time around, there will be six first round matches, three semi-finals, and a three-way final!

With all that being said, let’s look at the first-round pairs.

  2. Gonna Be The Twin-Tail vs. Recovery Of An MMO Junkie
  3. Mangirl! Vs Tsuredure Children
  4. RE:Zero vs. 91 Days
  5. Scorching Ping Pong Girls vs. New Game!
  6. The Ancient Magus Bride vs. Flowers Of Evil

Now, there are some intriguing pairs there. Some of the series I kinda know from reviews I’ve read here, and others I know by name alone. Mangirl! I’ve never heard of though. The only one that I had planned to watch soon anyway is The Ancient Magus Bride.

So, that’s the lay of the land. How does it look to all of you? Are there any pairings that you think will be particularly close matches? Or any early predictions for the final? Let me know below, and look out for the first match next month!

11 thoughts on “Crunchyroll of the Dice 2018 announcement!

  1. Yes…cool that this is going to start again as always find some cool series to watch because of this. And….besides ancient Magus Bride…I haven’t seen any of these (yet) and yes I know how horrible that sounds lol.
    Looking forward to this series again!!!

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  2. Ancient Magus vs Flowers of Evil will be an…interesting battle 😆 I look forward to seeing what you think of each, and which one wins out.

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