30 Day Anime Challenge: #16 – Best Animation

Right then … we’re onto day sixteen of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. What that means is broaching which anime has the best animation.

Now, this is a really difficult one to quantify. Not only do we need to consider technical quality, we’re also looking at subjective opinion based on what you like. Oh, and let’s not forget the era of release.

You see, if we’re looking at modern releases, there are plenty of examples of really nicely done series and films. Amachu!, Flying Witch, Your Name, and 30 Cm Per Second all really shine, for example. Then, if we’re heading back in time a little, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust still looks as nice now as it did when it was released. So … I’m going to pick two.

Starting with the oldest of the choices, how could I not mention the 1995 Ghost in the Shell film? Yes, objectively speaking, it’s a little dated now. But my word it still gives me that same feeling of awe that it did the first time around! When I first saw the film, my experience with animated shows was a mix of the colourful tales of Western television, and some old school anime like Fist of the North Star. Ghost in the Shell was just so different to everything that I’d experienced up until that point, that it really drew me in from the get-go. It’s a classic, and the animation is a big part of that.


Moving to a more recent release, I absolutely adore Wolf Children. Released in 2012, it’s a family film that tells the story of a young woman raising her two werewolf children. While perhaps more simplistic in style than the cyberpunk world of GitS, this was another beautiful piece from Mamoru Hosoda. The film features some beautiful work in terms of facial expressions and body language, and there are plenty of stunning visuals throughout the duration.

wolf children

So, there you have it. Those are my picks, but what are yours?


6 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #16 – Best Animation

  1. Definitely agree with your choice for Ghost in the Shell. I rewatched it myself last year and and I still think it’s an amazing piece of animation. The ones that I would add myself is Akira, and the Wings of Honneamise. Both older movies, but still every bit as cool to see as when they were first released 😊

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      1. That is pretty difficult to describe honestly 😀 It’s a film that deal with mankind’s attempts to launch a space program while there is also a war going on. But there us much more to it than that. My advice is to hop on over to Cain S Latrani’s blog as he recently did a great post for this film 😊

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  2. Wolf Children was what came to my mind as well. There’s some brilliant scenes (like when they tumble through snow). Generally (and unsurprisingly) movies are better animated than series.

    For series maybe Kill la Kill?

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    1. Kill la Kill I’ve only seen trailers for, so couldn’t comment. I think your right sky movies generally being better though. I suppose that’s down to not having to stretch the budget so far.


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