30 Day Anime Challenge: #15 – Favourite Pet, Sidekick or Summoning

It’s that time again! That’s right, we’re moving forward with the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Today being the fifteenth day of the challenge means that I need to pick my favourite anime sidekick, pet or summoning.

Okay, so the obvious choices for me here would be to stick with the big two animal series, Digimon and Pokemon. Were I picking from there, there’d be a lot of entries too: Renamon, Garurumon, V-Mon, Charizard, Zoroark, Lycanroc to name but a few.

But that would be too obvious. Let’s think about some other classics that there have been instead. Growing up, I loved Cardcaptor Sakura. This, of course, Keroberos. Yes, his full sized form was cool, but his plush toy form was absolutely adorable. That cuteness alone puts him in the running. More recently, I also grew to love Fairy Tail. How could you enjoy that and not mention Happy? These both kinda fit in the sidekick category though. When it comes to pets, I’d say that Chito in Flying Witch is probably my favourite. His attitude to being called fat, and the generally accurate cat-ness of him really makes him stand-out for me.

But what about all of you? Do you have any favourite pets, sidekicks, or summonings?


5 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #15 – Favourite Pet, Sidekick or Summoning

  1. Cerberus is a great choice. Good fun, that one.

    Not favorite in the sense that I like it, but Kyuubee/QB has to rank high up with the most intriguing/messed up ones …

    Aria and the other cats in Aria are pretty good. Cats are generally a good bet, to be honest. Sakamoto in Nichijou is hilarious. Or Natsume’s “Sensei” (well, totally not an actual cat, that one).

    Mokona as part of the Clamp universe has some things going for it (“Mokona is Mokona. You count them one Mokona, two Mokona and then you stop because there’s only two.”)

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