FLASH KINDLE SALE! CARNIVAL (The Spark Form Chronicles #2) is $0.99/£0.99 until 16 February 2018!

It’s FLASH SALE time! CARNIVAL (The Spark Form Chronicles #2) is now available on Kindle at the discounted price of $0.99/£0.99 for those in the USA and UK. Not yet checked out the well-regarded GameLit series yet? Now’s as good a time as any.

Don’t delay though! The sale only runs until 16th February 2018. After that, CARNIVAL will go back to its normal price, and GIFTS (The Spark Form Chronicles #3) will replace it on the sale list.

FrontReleased via MDM Projects
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: 1 March 2016
Currently available on kindle and paperback.
Click below to purchase (opens in new tab):


Book two of The Spark Form Chronicles series!

An over the top performer seeking to prove than an AI can be alive.
A genius programmer who wants to believe.
An ex-mercenary desperate to build a better life for herself and her girlfriend.
A teenage girl trying to move on.
An old man whose time has come.

Five professional card players. Five reasons to fight. One thing in common: Their lives will be touched by the existence of the AI known as Carnival.

With Carnival’s existence hanging in the balance, how hard each player is willing to fight has never been more important …

The Spark Form Chronicles combines card gaming with the excitement of professional wrestling, and tells a complex story that asks a simple question: Can an AI every truly be alive? Dive into Matt Doyle’s epic science fiction series to find out the answer.

What the critics are saying

Each POV is a piece in a larger puzzle and once you get through all those tales, you get the main plot which ends spectacularly. … Like my childhood come to life, except I can enjoy it as its written for adults.
Belart Wright

Doyle continues to delve into what it means for one to be alive. Is it flesh and blood that determines whether or not one lives, or is it something else entirely? Carnival effortlessly explores that theme of life and living. One thing that I think Matt did better in this book is the way that some of these character’s stories hit harder emotionally this go round. Didn’t expect to feel the way I did reading this book (in a good way).
Donte McNeal

Sometimes in life, things just get overwhelmingly busy and I need a break. Matt Doyle has created the perfect place for respite. I love this dystopian world he has created.
Boundless Book Reviews

Get ready for a cast of personalities that come to life under the skill of Matt Doyle’s pen. Combining card games with battle strategies and personal quests, the deadly games are played, rather like watching the Gladiators of ancient times … Matt Doyle’s tale might seem to be gaming in prose, but I do NOT believe Carnival belongs in a niche type genre. Good writing that is filled with tension and continual action and interaction deserves to be read, enjoyed, thought about and shared. Take a walk into a fresh read and discover another talented author.

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