Way Cool Wednesday: 7th February 2018

Welcome, one and all, to the first Way Cool Wednesday of 2018! If you’re new to the site, this is my monthly posting of random stuff that I’ve found on the internet that I thought was … well … cool. Let’s see what we have this time around.


Way Cool News: Life on Mars?


As NASA have said, they aren’t jumping to conclusions … but they aren’t ruling it out.


Way Cool Article: A Brief History of Laurel & Hardy


Growing up, I used to watch Laurel & Hardy films with my granddad. I have so many good memories with the man, and seeing these films again always brings them back. So, here’s a brief rundown of the comedy duo’s careers.


Way Cool Video: Sons of Anarchy Finale

Set to ‘Come Join The Murder’ by White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers, this is a spoiler filled look at the final episode of the hit show Sons of Anarchy. By this point, I think it was clear how it would all end. I still felt saddened by it all though. Still, good look at the closing moments of one of my modern day favourites.


Way Cool Blog Post: Farscape’s Moya


Syfy Wire ran a blog post back in November that explains why the author loved Moya in cult classic, Farscape. The show is a long-time favourite of mine, and I too thought Moya was awesome. It’s a quick read, but a good one.


Way Cool Music: ‘Gates of Glory’ by Twilight Force

European power metal; it’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s bouncy. I love it.


And that’s about it. Did anyone else stumble upon anything fun recently?

8 thoughts on “Way Cool Wednesday: 7th February 2018

  1. Wouldn’t that be something ? Life on Mars. It has always fascinated me to no end. Would love for this to be true.
    Sons of Anarchy is such a great show. I still have to finish it (two more seasons to go, so I am not going to watch the video), but it’s awesome..that’s for sure 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s certainly interesting. I live seeing when we find evidence for life on another planet. Given the bacteria found previously, it certainly seems like there something out there, even if it’s only a basic lifeform.
      The last season was really good IMO. Miserable at times, but such a good ending.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True…I don’t believe we are alone in this universe anyway. With so many planets and star systems out there it would be really strange if we were the only ones out there.
        Yeah a friend of mine already completed the series and said it was one of the best endings he has ever seen on a television show. Looking forward to it 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I do want to believe there was actually life on Mars at one point. Now we’re looking further afield for signs of alien life, the irony would be too perfect. I always get excited when I imagine humanity making first contact. I’m such a dork 😆

    Cheers for the link to that Moya article, love Farscape. I really should get back to watching that before too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. I find it hard to believe that there would be no other life out there. I do think that we’re likely to come across stuff that is far from human more than we’ll meet more humanoids though. In a way, I almsot expect Starship Troopers to be accurate in its depiction of alien life.

      Farscape was so good. For me, I really need to get around to buying the rest of the series on DVD or Bluray. As it stands, I only actually own series one.


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