K.S. Trenten: The Prince + Once Upon A Rainbow Volume 2

Welcome, one and all, to the first guest post of the year! Today, i’m welcoming author K.S. Trenten back to the site. Some of you may remember her previosu post Reinventing Fairy Tales, where we touched upon her appearance in  the Once Upon A Rainbow anthology. Now, she’s appearing in volume two of the collection! Today, she’ll be talking about the fairy tale concept of ‘the prince’. Below, that, will be a quick preview of her story and the pre-order for the new anthology.


The Prince

by K.S. Trenten


It’s curious how much a prince figures in fairytales. He doesn’t even have to do very much, but he’s there.

In a patriarchal world, where marriage is the end goal for many women, the prince is the ultimate prize. If you want to marry a man, the richer and more well placed the better, how could you snag a bigger catch than the prince? He can sweep a girl off her feet to life of wealth and power.

Is it so strange that the prince has taken on an almost mythic status that few men can measure up to? He’s been idealized into the epitome of charm and romance, capable of making any woman swoon.

This ideal is particularly realized in ‘Cinderella’. The prince courts the main characters, dances her across the floor, making her feel a lifetime of passion in a single night.

How could any woman resist him?

What if there was a woman who could? One whom had her own romantic dream, very different than the myth of the prince?

What if she faced this temptation, armed with her own dream? Only the temptation would be played out by someone who understood the power of the prince’s myth?

What ultimately makes the prince so tempting? Is it his wealth and power? Or is the ability to look into a woman’s eyes, truly noticing her, seeing a beauty she wasn’t aware that she possessed? Can a prince awaken it in her?

These are seductive talents, very difficult to resist, even when your heart is already taken.

Just who’s capable of playing the part of the prince? Do you need to be a prince to do so?

I don’t think so.

I’ve faced this temptation, this power, wielded by vastly different people. Countless times I’ve swooned, felt myself in danger of being swept of my feet.

The memories of all these moments inspired this story, plus the very notion of romantic dreams. It’s the classic dream of the prince versus the one that dared to choose a very different object of affection.

Ignorant of the lure of wealth, innocent of the desire for power, Cinders find her own dream pitted against a seductive wooer determined to sweep her off her feet. By confronting this determination, she discovers what she truly wants.

The ball is a rite of passage which leads her to her heart’s desire. Only her heart’s desire needed to realize just how important she was.

It’s easy to doubt another’s devotion when you’re up against the myth of the prince. In the end, he is just flesh and blood, as flawed as anyone else.

It’s unfair to expect him to be anything more.


K.S. Trenten lives in the South Bay Area with her husband, her two cats, and a host of characters which inhabit her imagination.

Find K.S. Trenten at

The Cauldrons of Eternal Inspiration: inspirationcauldron.wordpress.cominspirationcauldron.blogspot.comcauldronkeeper.livejournal.com, and rhodrymavelyne.dreamwidth.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhodrymavelyne/
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tumblr: https://rhodrymavelyne.tumblr.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14876500.K_S_Trenten
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/kstrenten



At Her Service by K.S. Trenten: Me, Cinders, go to a ball? I’d much rather stroke my mistress’s bony feet, tickling those exquisite, protruding ankles of hers. Magic whisks me away in spite of my hesitation to a night of lights, dancing, and mystery. Whirl across the floor with me as I reveal my true heart’s desire, for nothing is what it seems where enchantment, fairy godmothers, and princes are concerned.

To pre-order the anthology, or to learn more about the stories therein, CLICK HERE to go to the NineStar Press website.

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