2018: Gaming the system(s)

Welcome, one and all, to my final recap post before my break ends. Today, we’re looking at video game posts.

So, this section was another that saw an increase in terms of what I was doing last year. In part, this was aided by actually getting hold of more games as the year went along. As it happens, there were plenty of bargains out there to be found, and that’s where I mostly focussed my attention. So, expect to see more Game Reviews this year … just don’t expect too many of them to be recent AAA games. Prices being what they are, I’m far more likely to pay out for a new game in the price range of Sonic Forces and Super Lucky’s Tale than I am a top line one. Usually, that bodes better for me in terms of enjoyment anyway though.

There will still be some retro themed posts too though! Retro First Impressions has provided me with plenty of motivation to check out older titles that passed me by previously. So far this year, I’m working on one of these for a SNES game, an Atari 2600 game, and an Amiga 600 game.

I will write more In Desperate Need Of Love posts as and when a suitable title comes to me. In truth, I’m kinda tempted to branch this feature out to other sections of the site too. And of course, I’ll be looking to finish off the 30 Day Gaming Challenge before the end of the year as well.

And … that’s about it. As of next month, we’ll be back to business as normal. So, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what comes along for the rest of the year.logo-square

5 thoughts on “2018: Gaming the system(s)

  1. I wonder what the Atari game you mentioned will be. Gaming isn’t an expensive hobby if you are will to wait a bit. Months after a title comes out if often goes on sale for a sizeable discount. Sadly I don’t have your patience and often snap things up on day one.

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    1. I snap some things up quickly, but usually only if they’re cheap to begin with, such as with Sonic Forces/Mania. Patience is useful with gaming though. For example, I recently bought Mortal Kombat XL for and £17. If it’s bought the core have and DLC when it first appeared, of have been looking at about £120 or something ridiculous like that.

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