Series Spotlight: Werecat by Andrew J Peters

Introducing the Werecat series, a gay paranormal adventure!


From award-winning fantasy author Andrew J. Peters (The City of Seven Gods) comes a fast-paced shifter adventure, which has garnered praise from fans and critics. The Werecat trilogy was a finalist in the 2016 Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice awards (Gay Action-Adventure).


“An innovative take on the shape-shifter genre; this first offering in a gay fantasy series should garner a large following.” ~ Kirkus Reviews


“As you watch the dynamics shift between Benoit and Jacks, the stress and tension Peters creates becomes so huge that the reader is almost afraid to turn the page.” ~ Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words


“Peters is really taking this series in an interesting direction and I can’t wait for more.” ~ Joyfully Jay, M/M Romance Reviews and More


Now the story is complete with the release of the fourth and final installment: The Sim Ru Prophecy. Spanning continents and tribes of feline shifters, Jacks Dowd is on the run in the globe-trekking adventure of his life, searching for a way to stop an apocalyptic showdown between werecats and mankind.


werecat4cover300dpi (1)From the back cover blurb: A fugitive from two murder investigations in New York City and a bizarre, big cat attack at a bank in Barbados, Jacks Dowd flees to South America to find the ringleader of a shifter terrorist organization deep in the Amazon. The world is on the brink of all-out war between shifters and humans, and Jacks needs to somehow broker a deal.

But a special U.S. intelligence agency emerges as a new, possibly even more dangerous enemy. Both the terrorists and the U.S. government will stop at nothing to get an arcane codex that could unleash an unstoppable threat to mankind or exterminate werecats everywhere. While Jacks dodges danger from both sides and decodes the ancient book, he’s left with the impossible choice of how to use it.


From the author: I started writing the Werecat series with an interest in taking on the gothic horror genre from a gay point-of-view. I think that original goal carried through, but as I started exploring feline shifters particularly, I was drawn to folklore and mythological themes as well. Cats have figured into spiritual practices and beliefs, around the globe, since ancient times. It’s surprising to me that much less has been written about werecats than werewolves, given the abundant source material from Native beliefs and of course ancient Egypt. If any mystic shifter magic was to be unlocked through the occult, surely it would involve cats!

My hope is that the series is a good balance of fast-paced action adventure, werecat lore, and gay romance/eroticism.


The Werecat books can be purchased separately as e-novelettes, and the first three and the last installment were also published as full-length paperbacks. Amazon offers ‘bundle deals’ for savings on your purchase of the entire series.

Buy links:       The Rearing (Werecat #1)

The Glaring (Werecat #2)

The Fugitive (Werecat #3)

The Sim Ru Prophecy (Werecat #4)


And, as a special promotion, Werecat #1 is now permafree at retailers! You can get started on the series for nothing.





andrewjpetersAbout the author: Andrew J. Peters is an award-winning author, an educator and an activist. His novel The City of Seven Gods won the 2017 Silver Falchion award for Best Horror/Fantasy and was a finalist for 2016 Sci Fi/Fantasy Book of the Year at the Foreword INDIES. His Werecat series was a 2016 Readers’ Choice finalist at The Romance Reviews. He has written two books for young adults (The Seventh Pleaide and Banished Sons of Poseidon), and he is the author of the adult novel Poseidon and Cleito.


Andrew grew up in Buffalo, New York, studied psychology at Cornell University, and has spent most of his career as a social worker and an advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. He has been a contributing writer at Queer Sci Fi, The Good Men Project, Gay YA, YA Highway, and La Bloga, among other media. He has also been an invited speaker/panelist at Bentcon, Killer Nashville International Writers’ Conference, the New York City Rainbow Book Fair, and Queens Book Festival, among other conferences and community events.

While writing, Andrew works as an administrator and an adjunct faculty at Adelphi University. He lives in New York City with his husband Genaro and their cat Chloë.


For more about Andrew and his books, visit:

Or find him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.







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