2018: Anime, Manga and what to expect

As promised, it’s time for the first anime post of the year. Whoo! So, what’s coming in terms of anime? Let’s have a gander.


I only have a few regular features here. The obvious in is straight up reviews. Will these remain? Of course they will. It takes me a while to finish series, but when I do, you can expect a review. I may even throw in some reviews of older series that I haven’t written about yet. I do want to catch up on the top 4 from last year’s Crunchyroll of the Dice though. At time of writing, I have a review of the winner, Beautiful Bones, set up for February. I’ve also finished watching the runner-up, Interviews With Monster Girls, and will hopefully have that one up in February too (though I can’t guarantee it). I’m 2/3 through number three, Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid, and about 1/3 through number four, Flip Flappers, so expect those around March time.

Speaking of Crunchyroll of the Dice, I enjoy doing that far too much to not keep it going. Now, the first year saw a massive sixteen series tournament. Because of how unwieldy that was, I dropped it to eight series last year. In keeping with the tradition of mixing things up a bit, I’m toying with trying something a little different against this year, just to keep it interesting. We shall see though. One change that is likely is the format of the posts though. The fact is, full blow-by-blow accounts of each episode can sometimes take me up to an hour and a half to put together with watching, pausing, writing, and so on. That means that each battle takes a long time to put together. I’m tempted to do shorter write-ups and more detailed battle comparisons this year, just to see how that works. Again though, we shall see.

Manga vs. Anime was a new one this year, and it seems to have been fairly popular. My options for this are fairly limited, so I may start featuring Light Novels vs. Anime too, but I’ll certainly do more of these as and when suitable series appear.

Which wraps up the regular post types. Is that it?


Nope. You see, one thing that surprised me was how well my rambling posts did. The Digimon Tri speculation was a big hit for me, in particular. I can’t promise something like this every month, but I’m, definitely interested in doing a few more posts of this nature. Some of them may even tie in with the next point …

I’ve joined OWLS! I wanted to do this back when it started, but there was so much turmoil in the real world for me that I felt that I couldn’t dedicate the time to it. Now that things have settled and I’m feeling a lot better about life, it feels like I can actually contribute, so here we are! Look out for me to start posting with the group some time after the January tour (though it may not always be anime related)!

And that’s about it. Let’s see how many of these features I manage to keep going regularly … if all else fails, there’s always the option of finishing the 30 Day Anime Challenge quicker, eh?


11 thoughts on “2018: Anime, Manga and what to expect

  1. I feel bad I’ve barely commented on your blog then again there are so many bloggers I’ve not visited yet. But look forward to those reviews Matt and welcome to owls glad to have you on board 😁

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    1. That’s no problems, I don’t manage to comment on near as much as I’d like to myself, and I don’t expect everyone to comment anyway. There are a ton of blogs or there, and limited time in a day. And thank you, I’m glad to have signed up.

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  2. Hope this year’s been good to you so far, and I wish you the best of inspiration for your anime posts 😊 Super cool that you’ve joined OWLS, I’m looking forward to seeing the pieces you write with them!

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  3. More Crunchyroll of the Dice is sweet. I don’t mind a change in format if it makes the write ups easier for you. You are half way through the Anime challenge so you might as well finish that too.

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