30 Day Gaming Challenge: #14 – Your Current/Most Recent Gaming Wallpaper

We’re almost half-way there! The 30 Day Gaming Challenge is marching on the day 14 entry is … your current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.

OK, so I don’t actually have any on my computer. I tend to go for stuff like artsy photos of old Japanese buildings and the suchlike. My mobile phone though, that’s where the gaming wallpaper action takes place. My most recent one was this:


Yup! The Sonic Forces box artwork! So, what about yourselves? Any interesting gaming wallpapers?

14 thoughts on “30 Day Gaming Challenge: #14 – Your Current/Most Recent Gaming Wallpaper

  1. I used to change my wallpaper all the time when I first got a PC. These days however I prefer to keep things and uncluttered. At work my wallpaper is just a blue background and at home my laptop is just the picture of a mountain that came installed with the computer.

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      1. She plays a terminator named Cameron (gee I wonder where that name came from), and basically protects John Connor. She was really awesome in that role, and kicked some serious ass (pardon my French😊) but yeah it was a fun show that sadly got cancelled way too early 😢

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  2. I use a Nanami-theme (official Windows Japanese stuff thing) on the desktop (for years and years now), and have a photo from my Japan trip on the laptop.

    Last time I remember having a gaming wallpaper was … I’m frankly not sure I ever used any, except for once a WP of a Japanese visual novel. But that’s about it, I think.

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    1. I can’t imagine you’re alone in that. I can’t remember having one on my computer at any point right now. I think I had a Digimon one back in my teens, but that would have been the anime rather than the games.


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