30 Day Gaming Challenge: #13 – A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times

Day 13 of the 30 Day Gaming Challenge is A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times.

The answer is every game I’ve ever owned. Seriously. Even if a game doesn’t click initially, I play it multiple times so that I can give it a fair crack. As yet, I’ve not come across one that I give up that quickly.

Well, that was a boring post. Sorry everybody!


11 thoughts on “30 Day Gaming Challenge: #13 – A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times

    1. Playing through as far as possible. I don’t finish every game because … well … I suck at plenty of them. I do come back to try again a lot though. That doesn’t extend so much to the longer winded games these days due to time constraints, but in general, I mean that I get as far as I can more than five times 🙂


  1. Mh, in that case I think my records would be Mass Effect for the game which I played through 5 times the quickest (basically I did it in succession, one after another ^^; ), and Jagged Alliance 2, for having played through it 10+ times.

    Usually I don’t finish games at all; I tend to get bored somewhere along the way, unfortunately.

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      1. I suppose it’s a mix of reasons:

        a) I’ve been playing for a long time, so unless I specifically set myself up for a challenge or it’s something particularly difficult it’s largely not about “beating” any game anymore
        b) Stories are very rarely any good or interesting, so those alone don’t get me to finish games
        c) Gameplay is maybe nice to discover in the beginning, but once all features are introduced it’s basically an exercise in repetition which at times can turn into a chore – my favorite example would be Guided-Fate Paradox, ironically one of the few games I’ve played those last years where I wanted to know the end (since it was such a non-typical story), but the plot finished at around Lvl 200 or so for the player character and enemies, EXCEPT for the final boss at level 1000, so there was plain no way to beat that without grinding for hours, which was nothing but repeat the same level over and over again … idiotic design choice

        d) Some other game comes along and steals my attention ^^

        Basically I play more to satisfy some initial curiosity than to see it through. Often, anyway. Sandbox games are different, but you can’t play through those by and large anyways …

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  2. When I read the question I assumed it meant a game you like so much that you have completed it five times. I would say that I have played most of my games at least five times before giving up on them. Only a small fraction do I enjoy enough to play through till the end.

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