Expect Slowness …

Hi all! I know, I know, it’s rare that I get more than one post out in a day. This is just a quick update to say that you can expect me to be a bit slow this week. Since Thursday, I’ve been nursing some sort of annoying flu-like thing, and it’s really left me with little motivation ot be online for great lengths of time. As such, until I can shift this thing, it may take me a while to respond to comments, e-mails, and social media responses. Sorry everybody! I’ll hopefully be back up to speed come the weekend.

14 thoughts on “Expect Slowness …

  1. Ugh, I just recovered from the flu myself, it took me out of blogging for at least a week. Seriously though, no worries. As Auri said, we will all be here right until you are back.
    Feel better soon and take care 😊

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  2. Get well soon Matt. I feel your pain because I have been nursing a cold for a while now. Everyone at work and my niece also seem to be ill too. Christmas is nice but cold weather isn’t.

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