30 Day Anime Challenge: #14 – Anime That Never Gets Old

And so, we reach Day 14 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. This time around we’re looking at …The Anime That Never Gets Old, No matter How Many Time You Re-Watch It.

OK, so I’m going back to using multiple examples here. The first one should be obvious is you’ve been following me for a while: Digimon Tamers. It’s a great series, by far my favourite of the Digimon franchise, and it never fails to entertain me.









But you already know that. So, how about something less obvious? Well, there is one anime film that I’ve watched more than any other. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I don’t know what it is that hooks me with this one. I mean, I love the art style, the story is great, and the animation is great … yet no one thing stands out above all else for me. Somehow though, I just never tire of this one. Sure, I enjoyed the original (and the last song when the credits kick in is really catchy), but this sequel is so much better in my eyes. Here’s the trailer.




9 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #14 – Anime That Never Gets Old

  1. Some things definitely never get old. The animemovies that I have rewatched quite a lot are Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Both are classics and still to date are seriously cool. As for animeseries…hmm can’t really think of one besides Robotech which technically isn’t really anime 😀

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      1. Robotech is combination of three unrelated anime series, that were put together and were given a new storyline in America. As such technically it isn’t anime…but I still think of it like anime anyway 😊
        And yes those two movies are seriously amazing…seen them way too many times, but I keep enjoying them 😊

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  2. For me it’s usually comedy stuff. Like, for a while I rewatched Lucky Star whenever I went on train journeys ’cause what else to do while doing that? At least that way they were fun.

    And Saki episodes … 14-17 or whatever the “big” mahjong battle was? I thought those were just brilliant; some of the best (and most ridiculous) anime episodes ever.

    As for something with plot – either 12 Kingdoms (even read the LNs more than once) or Moribito. Moribito in particular is a fantastic series; no doubt one of the best, and the awesome action doesn’t get old, of course.

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    1. Lucky Star I haven’t finished but I used to dive in and out of that when the mood took me. Not as familiar with Saki or 12 Kingdoms. Moribito is on my radar though. I think it was an AMV that drew my attention to it.


      1. Well, Saki is basically ridiculous mahjong – also there exists no underwear in Sakiverse and everyone’s basically in some type of yuri-subtext relationship with someone else.
        But anyway it’s about mad mahjong skills.

        Twelve Kingdoms (or Juuni Kokuki) is basically an “early” “isekai” novel, ie heroine ending up in a fantasy world. And she’s chosen as a ruler, so it’s not just action, but also quite a bit about political intrigue and such (there’s also a lot about the mythology which I didn’t found so interesting, but, eh…).
        Either way it’s pretty unique, and has some nice kickass moments, which I enjoyed rewatching.

        Moribito is of course a 10/10 anime for me. So according to aniDB I’ve voted on 872 anime and gave a 10 seven times, so that’s highly I regard that thing. Definitely put that on your watch lists somewhere 😉

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  3. Bloodlust’s animation and artwork blew me away the first time I saw it. The movie has aged far better than the original in terms of visuals. His hand cracks me up.

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