30 Day Anime Challenge: #13 – Character You’re Most Like

Day 13 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge is The Character You Are Most Similar To.

rockNow, this is really hard. I’m not great at seeing myself in others at the best of times. Let me see … I think that I’m going to go with Rock from Black Lagoon. Even putting aside having Revy in my Day 7, and ignoring that I don’t smoke, there are some similarities. Like Rock, I’m an ordinary person in an extraordinary world. Things get hectic, I have bad habits, but I pull through.

Oh, and I can get a bit competitive at times.



4 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #13 – Character You’re Most Like

    1. This one was definitely hard to pick. I think that a lot of people would likely be low key characters in actuality. I certainly don’t know many people who could lay claim to being like the big MCs in most anime.


      1. Yeah, the point of anime characters is largely that they are, basically, ridiculous. So you have some bland male MC (whom you are supposed to relate to, but they are so bland I wouldn’t associate myself with them…) and a cast of essentially insane fantasy people that don’t exist in real-life.

        So hard to pick something that makes sense in any way.

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