30 Day Anime Challenge: #12 – The Saddest Scene

We’re on Day 12 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, which means that it’s time for … The Saddest Scene.

This is actually easy. There have been many times that anime has almost reduced me to tears … but only one can boast a 100% strike rate when it comes to making me cry. The final moments shared by Chiaki and Makoto in Mamoru Hosoda’s ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’. When Chiaki leaves, leaving Makoto in tears, it really gets to me. I feel horrible for Makoto there. Then, when he comes back to tell her that he’ll be waiting in the future, I get slightly angry. We don’t know how far in the future he’s come from, so she has no idea how long it’s going to be until they see each other again. Yet, it gives her hope that they can be together. Hope that may never be fulfilled. Honestly, the whole scene leaves me blubbing each time.



I’m crying now having re-watched it for the purpose of writing this piece.

Thanks challenge. Now my keyboard’s wet.


11 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #12 – The Saddest Scene

  1. Lol: hope your keyboard has recovered 😉 But you are so right though, this really was a beautiful and heartbreaking scene. For me it was the last episode of Your lie in April that had me expending an entire box of tissues. But then again that entire show managed to take care of that 😂

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    1. Clannad is one that I hear is incredibly emotional at times. My worry with it was that it would be thoroughly depressing and difficult to get through – that’s certainly the impression that some have given me. It’s one that I feel like I should watch at some point though.


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