Way Cool Wednesday: 6th December 2017

It’s … Way Cool Wednesday Time! And you know what that means, Don’t you? That’s right! It’s time for me to summarise my most recent trawl through the whacky world of the internet! Let’s see what gems have popped up this time …


Way Cool Article: Diagnosing Bad – Bowser


The posts over on AmbiGaming are always a treat, but this one really caught my attention recently. The idea of this series is to take a look at villains and see if they have any potential underlying issues to explain their behaviour. In this case, Athena is look at that old classic, Bowser.


Way Cool Article: Why A Reboot Of Disney’s Gargoyles Is Definitely Needed


I love me some Disney’s Gargoyles! Honestly, I think that a decent rerelease of the original two seasons would work fine, but this article makes some good points about how diverse the show was. I think that that’s something that people sometimes forget; the show featured some good representation of various cultures.


Way Cool Article: Krampus


Ah, Krampus. The alternative to Santa that visits when your behaviour is the alternative to good. This covers the legend of Santa’s counter-part.


Way Cool Music: Blind and Frozen by Beast in Black

I still love this song! Strong, sweeping vocals, a catchy chorus, and some top-class power metal goodness. Excellent work by the new band!


And so ends this month’s journey through the web. How about yourselves? Have you found anything cool?

6 thoughts on “Way Cool Wednesday: 6th December 2017

  1. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Santa’s counterpart. The name Krampus popped up and there, but until now I didn’t know exactly who he was. So, thanks to you, I’ve learned something new to day. May you be blessed this Xmas sir!

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