Month in Review November 2017 / Projects Update December 2017

Welcome, one and all, to Matt Doyle Media Dot Com’s November 2017 round-up/December 2017 projects update. So, what’s been going on? What’s still to come? Let’s find out!



As always, we’ll be kicking off with the month in review. Honestly, I feel like it’s been a good month. No missed posts, a few bonus entries, and a bunch of new followers. So, to everyone who’s only just started following the site, welcome aboard!


Postings for November 2017

This month, we’re going to start with a run-down of my top five most popular postings for the month.

5) Manga vs. Anime: Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin – A post from the previous month. This one was really enjoyable to write, so it’s good to see people still reading it.

4) Guest Post: Isn’t It Byronic? by Sera Trevor + ‘Curses, Foiled Again’ Excerpt – As someone who’s toying with vampires in his own WIP, this was a great little read. A big thank you to Sera for writing the post!

3) Book Review: Tempest Outpost by Brad Harmer-Barnes – Tempest Outpost is a fun read, so the fact that the review has gained some attention is a good thing.

2) Author Interview: Brad Harmer-Barnes – This was good to see. Brad is great author, and the fact that not only he, but his publisher Severed Press pushed this posting out for me was greatly appreciated.

1) Digimon Adventure Tri: Our Future Speculation – This genuinely surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, i’m really happy with the posting, but I didn’t expect it to get as much attention as it did. So, thank you all for that!


Of course, those weren’t the only postings last month. The summary of all posts for November is as follows:


Upcoming posts for December 2017

No changes to the themes this month as a general rule. We’re still following the same weekly pattern of:

Week 1: My Projects & Random Stuff

Week 2: Anime

Week 3: Books

Week 4: Video Games

I would say though that I won’t be posting on Christmas Day, so the Video Games week will be a little short this month.


Looking ahead to January 2018

As a heads up, January is my usual month off. What that tends to mean is not that I don’t post at all, but rather that I reduce the postings for a month. That will still hold this year, though I’ll be trying to be a little more active than normal around that time of the year. There should still be at least one posting a week, though I’m hoping to do more than that.





Books and Stories

The reworking of old short stories continues this month with Wheatlice. It’s a short creature-feature in the style of an oldy-timey radio show. That will actually finish up my backlog of old tales for the time being until I hear back from some other submissions. I want to start putting more on here in terms of stories, mind you, so look out for bits and pieces to pop up once in a while.

Addict continues to get strong reviews pretty much everywhere that people are reviewing it, so that’s really good to see. It also has a nice little spike in chart position again:


Yup, the book climbed back up to 19th in Canada’s LGBT sci-fi chart! Not only that, but it hit the top 100 for Lesbian fiction too. Huzzah for Kindle! No change in status with book 2 in the series, The Fox, The Dog, and The King as yet, it’s going through editing with NineStar Press. I’ll post updates on that as and when I have them. Book 3, LV48, is coming along well though, and feels like a really good story thus far.



I made a couple of new submissions over on DeviantArt. I’ll get a summary of the newest art up in January.



And … that’s about it right now. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you’ve all had a great November with an awesome December yet to come.

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