30 Day Anime Challenge: #11 – Your Favourite Mech Anime

Welcome, one and all, to day eleven of the thirty day anime challenge! Today’s topic is … your favourite mech anime.

So, this is a sub-genre that I don’t actually watch much of. I know, I know, there are a lot of classic mech-based anime out there, but they just  … rarely appealed to me. I did enjoy Starvengers (the US dub of Getter Robo G) as a kid. In recent years though, I have been rather enjoying the Evangelion Rebuild. The animation is beautiful, the story is multi-layered, and the delays in the UK releases have just made me anticipate each new instalment all the more. Now, it should be noted that I’ve not actually seen the original, bar for the odd AMV, but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying it.



9 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #11 – Your Favourite Mech Anime

  1. I love the mecha anime genre (my personal favorites are Macross and…..the original Neon Genesis Evangelion). For me it is the other way around, I haven’t seen the remake, but looking at the screenshot I can say that it looks very cool 😀

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  2. I grew up watching a ton of mech shows, but these days it’s not a genre I gravitate towards. A good series that features mechs is Code Geass.

    The delays for Evangelion Rebuild are insane. I bought the first two movies and have now lost interest because it took so long for the third film to come out. From from I’ve read the third installment is radically different to the show.

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    1. The delays have been insane. I’m just hoping it doesn’t take forever for the next one. Coffee Geass I’ve been recommended to me before. Gundam too, but there’s just so much of that that it send a little daunting.

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  3. Top o Nerae! Both of them, actually. Well, it’s only kinda mecha-esque.
    Also Escaflowne, but that might be more down to nostalgia. Tough to tell sometimes.

    Incidentally, haven’t watched the Muv-Luv anime, but the visuals novels were crazy (I haven’t decided whether that’s a good thing or not in this case ^^).

    Code Geass I didn’t really like, but the quality is undeniable. So even if wasn’t really my cup of tea I’d recommend it, if that makes sense.
    NGE meanwhile I just hate and how it generated all that hype is beyond me.

    But yeah, not a fan of the genre either. By and large giant walking robots are just too silly. Cute robot girls make much more sense. 😉

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  4. Evangelion is also my favorite mecha anime, and because I love both the classic series and the Rebuild films so much, I’ll always recommend the two as a pair for one’s own viewing experience. There’s the theory, after all, that the Rebuild is actually a sequel to the series. But enough of that, cheers to Eva and all the mecha anime it inspired!

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