Interviews – AKA I’ve Been Rambling On On Other People’s Sites. Again

The promotional trail goes on and on, and I’ve been running down it at full speed, trying to get as much advertising in for my books as possible! What that means is that … I’ve been taking up page space on other people’s sites again! Here’s the summary of my latest interviews:

  • The Geekiary let me come on board to ramble on about a number of different things. We talk about how I write, who inspires me, the publishing industry, LGBTQ+ fiction, and of course, Addict.
  • I was also invited to appear in Boundless Book Reviews‘ October Book Fest. 20 questions later, and we’d covered crushes, food, Halloween, horror, time travel, and more!
  • Teri Polen also let me take part in her annual Bad Moon Rising event, and we got through horror, childhood ambitions, and my current projects!

And so ends this instalment of my continued internet invasion. I hope you enjoyed!

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