Month in Review October 2017 / Projects Update November 2017

Welcome, one and all, to Matt Doyle Media Dot Com’s September 2017 round-up/October 2017 projects update. So, what’s been going on? What’s still to come? Let’s find out!




As always, we’ll be kicking off with the month in review.


Postings for October 2017

This month, we’re going to start with a run-down of my top five most popular postings for the month.

5) Cozmo by Anki – The adorable little bot had a good run of hits and came it at five this month. Honestly, i’m not surprised. He’s a wonderful little blighter.

4) 30 Day Gaming Challenge: #8 – Best Soundtrack – My pick for best video game OST came in fourth this month. What can I say? That’s the power of FFVII.

3) Book Review: North Sea Hunters by Brad Harmer-BarnesGuest Post: How Spanish Culture Influences My Writing by Laura Bailo – A joint third place for the book type posts this month. Brad’s book is rather fun, and I definitely recommend it. Meanwhile, Laura’s guest post is an interesting look at one of her influences.

2) Author Interview: Mark J. Engels – I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Mark, so it’s nice to see this come so high. He’s a nice guy, very talented, and the interview is an interesting read.

1) Book Review: Always Gray In Winter by Mark J Engels – And Mark takes the top spot too! Paranormal Military Sci-Fi ruled the roost this month. If werecats, intrigue, and a memorable cast sounds up your street, give it a look in!


Of course, those weren’t the only postings last month. The summary of all posts for October is as follows:

Upcoming posts for November 2017

Theming seems to be working well for me in terms of how I set out posts, so November is going to look something like this:

Week 1: My Projects & Random Stuff

Week 2: Anime

Week 3: Books

Week 4: Video Games




Books and Stories

I’m clearing out some old files, so there should be another old short story appearing this month, titled A Public Warning. This was written earlier this year and is a werewolf-ish thing.

Addict has now had more reviews on Goodreads than any other of my books. And the average rating is still hovering around four stars. I am happy with this. Book 2 in the series, The Fox, The Dog, and The King is still going through editing with NineStar Press. In the meantime, I’ve started work on book 3, LV48. I had to do a lot of research for that one as I’m using some tech that sort of exists already in law enforcement, and I wanted to see how I could increase the effectiveness without it risking taking the antagonist down every time they use it.



I’ve got lots of ideas running around my head right now. Some are destined to be sketches, some will be shirt designs, and then there’s the pixel art that may become the Spark Form Chronicles card game. Keep an eye on my DeviantArt for samples.



And … that’s about it right now. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you’ve all had a great October and have an awesome November to come.

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