Top 3 Scary Things To Come Out Of The Sonic Franchise

Welcome, one and all, to the Halloween portion of our gaming week. This time, I want to look at scary stuff that span-off from one of my all-time favourite franchises, Sonic the Hedgehog. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that I’ll be avoiding the games entirely for this post, and will instead focus on some of the other media that the franchise has produced. I will also be avoiding fan made stuff, but heading into the world of officially licensed products. In this case, two different runs of the comics, and one cartoon.



Created by Ken Penders for the Archie imprint of the Sonic comics, Enerjak was a chaos infused demigod. Over the various issues, a number of different echidnas took on the mantle, including series regular Knuckles, and his destructive power has always been high. Now, during ‘The Silver Saga’, a future based story arc in the Sonic Universe spin-off comics, Silver the Hedgehog is faced with the Knuckles version of Enerjak. What makes this scary is not only has he conquered the world, but when you see the shots below … well … that’s a big ol’ body count of series regulars.

enerjak archie sonic the hedgehog comics
Enerjak’s wall of achievements



I’m surely not the only one who actually enjoyed Sonic X, right? Anyway, in the episode ‘Sonic’s Scream Test’, our heroes are on the set of a movie that’s being produced by human lead Chris’s mum. Now, the film is set in a haunted castle. And the film makers seem to have found a real one to sue as the set. And so, the fun begins. A bunch of ghost run amok, possessing the characters and dragging them into the spirit world to feed their ruler, King Boom Boo. But what does a possessed character look like? Well, here’s Amy.

amy possessed sonic x the hedgehog
This is a creepypasta waiting to happen


You read that right. See, while the Archi run is the most famous of the Sonic comics thus far, we actually had an alternative in the UK. Published by Fleetway Editions, Sonic the Comic featured a Sonic story plus some other stories based on other SEGA games, such as Decap Attack and Streets of Rage. In this alternative telling of the franchise, Super Sonic was not the high-powered hero of the games. He was a demon that lived in the blue blur, and emerged if he was subject to chaos energy. When you think about it, that kinda makes sense as a concept. The thing is, Super Sonic was malicious. He liked to inflict pain, to destroy, and to attempt to kill Sonic’s friends. To make matters worse, he managed to free himself of Sonic for a while too, leaving him able to do whatever he wished. When you have a creature as powerful as Super Sonic that is stuck on the concept of murdering people … that’s scary.

super sonic fleetway the hedgehog comic
The UK Super Sonic was ready to kill

9 thoughts on “Top 3 Scary Things To Come Out Of The Sonic Franchise

  1. That possessed Amy picture is really quite disturbing. Never knew that Sonic could actually produce something scary as the games themselves are always so bright and shiny. Thanks for sharing these, great post! 😀

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