30 Day Anime Challenge: #10 – Your Favourite Fighter Anime

Welcome, one and all, to day ten of the thirty day anime challenge! Today’s topic is … your favourite fighter anime.

Street_Fighter_II_The_Animated_Movie_(Japanese_pamphlet)I would assume that this mostly relates to things like Bleach and Fairy Tail, i.e. Shonen anime that features a focus on fighting. To me though, as much as I love the aforementioned shows, there can be only one top fighter anime … Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

Attempts to turn video games into other media have been mixed in quality. There are some that are universally panned, such as the Street Fighter II live action movie. Then there are those that had mixed reviews but have cult followings, such as the Mortal Kombat live action film. When it comes to anime adaptions though, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is the best of the bunch. By successfully adapting the story of the beat ‘em up legend into a coherent story, and throwing in some great action that captures the feel of the game well, it served up a thoroughly enjoyable 102 minutes of fun.

As a taster, here is the iconic (but oh so 90’s) battle between Chun-Li and Vega:



  1. This is certainly better than the live action movie (although the Van Dame film is fun to watch to laugh at it.)

    I liked how that Vega/Chun-Li fight featured special moves from the game. Shame that the Spanish assassin didn’t strike earlier when she was still in the shower 😉

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