30 Day Gaming Challenge: #5 – Game Character You Are Most Like (Or Wish You Were)

Welcome, one and all, to day five of the 30 Day Gaming Challenge. Today’s challenge is … Game Character You Are Most Like (Or Wish You Were).

This is a surprisingly difficult one. A lot of games that I play these days are actually very simple in terms of characterisation, and a great deal of that comes down to not having much time to do much gaming. If I can steal half an hour here or there, great! Long, winding storylines and deep characters though? I just don’t have the time to play games like that very often.

OK, so since I can’t give this one an overly serious answer, let’s go with this … I am Sketch Turner from 1995’s Comix Zone. Why? Well, let’s look at the evidence:

  • We both have an undercut but wear our long hair in a ponytail.
  • We both write. OK, so he does comics and I do novels, but it’s still storytelling. Plus, I used to write a webcomic.
  • He has a pet rat, I’ve had many.
  • We both have a habit of wearing a sleeveless hoody with shorts.
  • We’re both rock music fans.
  • We both know enough martial arts to get by.
  • Both us have a tendency to get lost in the worlds that we create. I’ve not outright been attacked by my own creation though.

comix-zone-0001 copy

Uncanny, right?

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