Cassie Tam Book 2: Announcement

If you’ve read any of my interviews where I’ve been asked about working NineStar Press on Addict (The Cassie Tam Files #1), you may have noticed that I’ve been very happy with NSP as a publishing house. Between the editorial attention, the cover, the promotional campaign, and the awesome authors on the roster, I honestly can’t think of a better home for Cassie and her adventures. Naturally, this means that I want to keep Cassie and her world with the same publisher if possible, but there was always the possibiltiy that they wouldn’t be interested in further books.

Well … I am very happy to announce that the contract has been signed, and Book 2 of The Cassie Tam Files will indeed be released by NineStar Press!

Now, I’m not going to spill too much about the book just yet, but I will say that, in terms of content, I’ve tried to listen to what readers want more of. That means more Tech Shifting, more tech, more world building, and more Bert. The case itself is a little different this time too, but i’ll save the details of that for another time. To give you a hint though, the tentative working title of the book is: The Fox, The Dog, and The King.

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