Month In Review: August 2017/Projects Update: September 2017

Welcome, one and all, to Matt Doyle Media Dot Com’s August 2017 round-up/September 2017 projects update. So, what’s been going on? What’s still to come? Let’s find out!




As always, we’ll be kicking off with the month in review.


Postings for August 2017

This month, we’re going to start with a run-down of my top five most popular postings for the month.

5) 30 Day Anime Challenge #5: Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed – despite there not being an anime that I’m ashamed I enjoyed, my little bit of praise for Keijo!!!!!!!! brought in some good traffic.

4) Addict – Yup, the fourth most visited posting this month for me was my current novel, Addict. As I’m sure you’d expect, I’m dead happy with that. I’ll have a little more news on Addict below too.

3) Author Interview: Geoffrey Thomas – Coming in third was my interview with the awesome Geoff Thomas, author of the Dreamkeepers spin-off novel, The Wayward Astronomer. He’s a great guy, and the novel is very much worth a look-in …

2) Book Review: The Wayward Astronomer – … Speaking of which, the actual review came in second this month. I owe a lot of the traffic for these two posts to Geoff and the Dreamkeepers team. Whenever I cover Dreamkeepers, they always give a nudge to the fan base to check it out, and it really is appreciated.

1) Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor – The Money Fight brought in more hits than any other posting for me this month. Though it was technically the last post of the month, I’m not surprised. It was such a hot topic in the world of sports.


Thank you to everyone that stopped by. I’m really happy to see the site growing, especially with the increased amount of content. The summary of all posts for the month is as follows:


Upcoming posts for September 2017

I’m continuing with both the idea of theming weeks and the aim of doing at least five posts a week, so September is looking like this:

Week 1: My Projects & Random Stuff

Week 2: Anime

Week 3: Books

Week 4: Video Games

There is no planned break week this month, but as with the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, I will throw in some non-themed posts if anything inspires to start typing.

Oh, and I’m getting a fair few requests through for guest posts and interviews for book week. Any other authors who wish to contact me about doing the same, please feel free. It’s not just books though! If you wanted to talk about anything, be it anime, games, cryptozoology etc, I’m happy to play host. Just drop me a message on the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!




Books and Stories

Right then, where should I start? Well, Addict is gaining some traction. The reviews continue to be generally good, which is great, and I have a few more that I know are coming from various sites, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the reception remains warm. By far my biggest boost with this though has been this:

13 Canada 27082017

That right there is a screenshot from the Canadian Amazon site. The be more precise, it shows the chart positions for Addict on 27th August 2017. For that day, my little piece of genre-bent lesfic sci-fi was the 13th top selling LGBT Sci-Fi novel on Kindle. That’s only nine places below where Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness was sat. For me, that is a major achievement.

Speaking of Cassie Tam and her world, look out for an announcement regarding the future of the series tomorrow 🙂

Moving away from Cassie Tam, I’ve got a few short stories under consideration at various places. I’m confident in the work, but I am aware how competitive the short story market is right now, especially with paying venues. Still, nothing ventured and all that. Worst case scenario, if nowhere bites, I’ll post some stories here. I have a few more to write with some specific anthologies in my mind too!

Other books … well, I’m planning the third (and potentially the fourth) Cassie Tam novels. FAHRN remains in editing, largely because I’ve been focused on Cassie Tam 2. There are also some big changes that I want to make with regards to it. Simon Teller 3 and 4 are in editing limbo, but only because I have a specific plan for the series that is going to take some time. Aside from that, all other novels are at the planning stage.



I’m narrowing down my list of potential costumes to work on next. First things first, I need to get Renamon cleaned up and ready for Halloween though.



And … that’s about it right now. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you’ve all had a great August and have an awesome September to come.

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