30 Day Gaming Challenge: #3 – A Game You Think Is Underrated

And so, in order to get it caught up with the anime challenge, we hit the third entry in the 30-day gaming challenge. This time around we’re looking at … a game you think is underrated.

Wow. Well, take your pick. For those that don’t know, I run a regular feature titled In Desperate Need of Love. The whole point of that is to shine a light on games that I’ve felt we’re underrated or overlooked. Rather than repeat myself, I think that the best way to approach this would be to link to the articles that I’ve already run.

So, there you have it. That was remarkably easy. I suspect that I won’t get many get-out-of-jail-free cards that allow me to just link to other postings though, so expect something less lazy next time.

8 thoughts on “30 Day Gaming Challenge: #3 – A Game You Think Is Underrated

  1. Some very cool choices here.

    Completely agree with Pokemon Snap. That game was great, and one of my most memorable games from the N64 era. A Switch sequel to the game would be neat!

    As for the rest, I haven’t played them, although I’ve had Lightning Returns on my shelf for a very long time, but have never gotten round to trying it.

    I’ve also been meaning to play Dark Brotherhood, since a friend recommended it years ago, but again I haven’t gotten round to it.

    I’ll check out those posts you linked!

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    1. Awesome. The great thing with them is that, while not perfect, a lot of them really did get a worse rep than they deserved in my eyes.

      Pokemon Snap was superb though. I remember on one of my final school days, we were allowed to bring in consoles to use rather than doing work, so a few of us ended up playing Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium all day!

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