30 Day Gaming Challenge: #2 – Your Favourite Character

30 Day Gaming Challenge: #2 – Your Favourite Character

August 22, 2017 16 By mattdoylemedia

Tails 4Welcome, one and all, to the second part of my excursion into the 30-day gaming challenge. As I said before, this isn’t going to be done in thirty consecutive days, it’s gonna be spread out. Regardless though, day two is … your favourite character.

This is actually quite an easy one. There have been a lot of characters that I’ve loved for a long time, such as Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. There are characters that I’ve come to love in recent times, such as Cortana from Halo. However, no matter much I love these characters, they don’t have quite the same place in my heart as one particular little fuzzball: Miles ‘Tails’ Prower.

Ever since seeing him debut in Sonic 2, I have absolutely loved Tails. You see, Sonic is cool and all, but Tails always popped more for me. Part of this is that I love foxes in general. Even as a kid, they were right up there with wolves, sharks and bats for me as favourite animals. We actually have a lot of foxes where I live now and it’s remarkably relaxing watching them, even when they’re making a racket. That’s neither here or there though.

Putting aside his species though, Tails has plenty going for him. OK, so his name is a bit punny, but that’s OK, that makes me smile. Then there’s the reason he got his nickname. The whole idea that he can whip his twin tails around like a propeller and use that to fly was just such a cool concept. It also led to that wonderful animation where he runs out of stamina and he starts panting with his tongue lolling out. That is so adorable! And do you know what else is adorable? His doggy paddling (which has the added bonus of being ridiculously useful compared to Sonic’s underwater issues).

Tails 3Tails 2Tails 1

What can I say? I like cute things, and Tails fits that perfectly. On top of that, his skills set has made him a go-to-character in every game that where he was a playable option. I think that the disappointment that I had when I saw that I couldn’t play as him in Sonic Generations really hammered home how much I love the little blighter. That he maintains a presence in the franchise is enough for me though. Sonic without Tails would be a sadder place in my eyes.

Of course, if cuteness isn’t enough for you, then consider this: Tails is an evoltionary marvel. Think about it. To spin his tails like he does, they must be attached to some sort of interal fidget spinner. That’s pretty crazy! On top of that, when he does a spin dash, his tail always remains behind him rather than going all over the place like those weasel ball toys. How that works, I don’t know, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

So, what about yourselves? Who are your favourite gaming characters and why?