30 Day Anime Challenge: #4 – Your Favourite Female Anime Character

Pushing on with the 30 Day Anime Challenge this month, we’ve come to day four: Your Favourite Female Anime Character Ever.

This one is actually harder to decide than the male one. Why? Because in my time watching anime, I’ve seen a lot of really cool female leads. That being the case, I’m not even going to try to narrow this down. Which means you’re getting five from different times in my anime viewing life.


THE MASAMUNE SHIROW TRIO: Leona, Major Kusunagi, Deunan

If there’s one thing that Masamune Shirow’s work always seemed really good at to me, it was presenting strong female leads. All three of these women were easily on par with, if not better than, the men when it came to their jobs. Between that and things like Alien, there was never any possibility that I was ever growing up thinking that women were anything less than equals to men. That’s an important thing, I think. It helps that all of these characters were interesting too, from the serious arcs of the Major and Deunan, to the silliness of Leona, they’ve all kept me entertained for years now.


Holo the Wisewolf

Spice and Wolf is one of my favourite anime ever, and a big part of that is the relationship between Holo and Lawrence. Holo is just such a wonderful character. So full of life, cheeky, smart, and yet stubborn and flawed all at the same time. She’s easily one of the most well rounded characters in anime IMO.



The gun-toting loud mouth of the Black Lagoon crew is deceptively deep. Yes, I know that people tend to focus on the fan service with her, but when you actually listen to her, there’s way more to her character than that. The history that led to her world view and the adoption of some existential philosophy coupled with her slow burning romance with Rock make her a far better character than she is sometimes credited with.


So, there you have it. And yourselves? Who are your top anime females?

12 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #4 – Your Favourite Female Anime Character

  1. For me the choice is simple: and it will always remain that way: The Major. Handsdown my alltime favorite animecharacter of all time. Love her strength, but also her flaws, which makes her such a compelling character to watch 😊

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  2. An excellent batch you chose! I agree that Revy is more than meets the eye. This is very notable in season 2 when the series gets a bit more serious. For me my favorites are either Erin from Kemono no Souja or Aoba Tsukishima for Cross Game. I wrote all about Aoba before and Erin well the whole show is about her haha. Looking forward to the rest of these!

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      1. Hmm in the anime spectrum not a ton of titles have really done the same feel. It is an adaptation of a novel so it’s quite plot heavy. I will give a small non-spoiler sell.

        Kemono no Souja is a story that chronicles 8 years of a girl’s life through the 3 major stage of it: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. She lives in a country that is war torn between two faction and as she grows older the fight gets worse and starts to involve even common folk like herself. Her life, dreams, and future are all intertwined with the country she lives in and loves.

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