30 Day Anime Challenge: #3 – Your Favourite Male Anime Character

Welcome, one and all, to the third part of my excursion into the 30-day anime challenge. So, day three is … your favourite male anime character.

Oh, crikey, this is a tough one. There are so many characters that I really like, and trying to pick just one is hard because … well, the chances are I’ll type this up, post it, then remember someone else who’s in contention. I’m gonna name two. First, someone a little obvious.


He’s been mentioned before, but L from Death Note comes up trumps. His design is so simple that it should be boring when put up against the more wild and whacky anime outfits out there yet, perhaps due to it fitting the Death Note world perfectly, he manages to stand out. The detective supreme is a wonderful mix of intelligence, physical quirks, and unwavering faith in justice. Throw in his relentless pursuit of the series villain and his tendency to use cold logic when formulating attacks, and you have a perfect foe for the wielder of the titular book. Yes, I know that L gets a lot of love in the anime community, but I totally get it in this case.

He’s far more interesting than he should be, and is easily one of the most real anime characters that I’ve come across.


Second up is Solf J Kimblee, especially his Manga-accurate portrayal in Fullmetal Alchemsit: Brotherhood. The reason I like him so much is difficult to describe. He keeps to a solid set of ideals that in many ways make him very simple in how he behaves, yet doing so adds a layer to him that I feel makes him more complex somewhow? I think that makes sense despite being fairly contradictory. In short, he’s not truly a good guy or a bad guy, he’s just himself, and that makes him interesting.


So, what about yourselves? Who are your top anime males?

7 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #3 – Your Favourite Male Anime Character

  1. Thanks for picking L and not Light though seriously

    I like that L has morals. As far as anime characters go I feel like even some of the others with morals (like Naruto) are really narcissistic in a typical anime way, and though L is pleased with himself often and shows off a lot he doesn’t get tiresome the way others sometimes do, because it always seems like his priority is doing what’s right and not being the best while also being right (even though he is).

    I used to really like Usopp before I realized there wasn’t enough time in the world to finish watching all of the One Piece episodes.

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    1. I liked Light’s descent from well intentioned to consumed by power, but L anyways stood out for me. The morals are important, I think. And you’ve nailed it with his primary goal being to do what’s right.
      I still haven’t watched any One Piece. I read a few chapters back when Shonen Jump was available physically over here, but never saw the anime.

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    1. Seeing how Light changed throughout was really good. He was a tragic character in some ways I think. L takes it for me though because, by the end of it, I did want to see Light lose. The whole series was so well set up though. I don’t think I really disliked any of the main cast.

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