My Art – A Retrospective

So, I do art. Not often (or certainly not as often as I’d like), but I have been known to doodle. Since I haven’t really done a dedicated post to it here, I fgured that I may as well get one done today. Now, you can find all of these, plus a few more, over on my DeviantArt Page, but there’s no harm in having them on display here too, right? Anyway, let’s look at how my art has changed over the last few years.

2012 – The Pony Years

Around 2012, I was doing a fair bit of MLP:FiM fan art. I haven’t drawn the ponies for a while now, but I do still love the show. Anyway, these are the peices that I managed to knock-up under the name talesofthewinterborn.

As you can see, the quality varied considerably. I am dead proud of some of the cuter ones though.

2016 – The Odd Art

This is pretty much what it sounds like. Some of my more strange art from recent years.

The heart is my favourite of them.

2017 – Some Spark Form Doodles

From 2015 to 2017, The Spark Form Chronicles was the main story universe that I was writing in. To this day, I love those characters. These are the doodles I did of one of the most popular characters, a holographic AI named Carnival.

That actually includes my first non-digital piece in a long time! The great thing for me si that Carnival never had a POV chapter in the books, yet she was really popular anyway. I take that as a positive.

So, there you go. My art through the last five years. not bad considering that the MLP:FiM stuff was the first time I’d actually drawn anything seriously since my Art GCSE! Let me know what you think below 🙂

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