Month In Review: July 2017 / Projects Update: August 2017

Welcome, one and all, to the July 2017 round-up/August 2017 projects update. As always, we’ll be kicking off with the month in review.


Postings for June 2017

This month, we’re going to start with a run-down of my top three most popular postings for the month.

3) Pride Month: LGBT representation in kid’s shows – This was good to see as this is not only a post that i’m proud of, but one that boraches what I view as an important topic. I’m glad to see it still drawing in hits.

2) Comic Review: Dreamkeepers Volume 4 – A big thank you to Dave and liz Lillie for this one. Every time they hype one of my review, I get a nice spike in traffic, and it is thoroughly appreciated. Dreamkeepers is a great series, and well worth checking out.

1) RIP Chester Bennington (20 March, 1976 – 20 July, 2017) – This was sad news. Truly sad news. There isn’t really much else I can say about it.

Thank you all for continuing to come back and read my ramblings! Of course, these weren’t the only postings last month though. In case you missed any, here are June’s posts in order.


Upcoming posts for July 2017

As it is, theming weeks feels right (with the odd other post thrown in as and when). I’m changing the order this month though, and leading with my own projects. After that, things look like this:

Week 1: My Projects & Random Stuff

Week 2: Anime

Week 3: Book Reviews

Week 4: Video Games

Week 5: Taking a break for a week 🙂

That break at the end is important as i’m challenging myself this month … yes, i’ll be trying to post once every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At least. This may be rather difficult. The exception may be this Friday, as I have two posts panned today, but we’ll see. Expect a few more 30 Day Challenge posts though!


Books and Stories

For the most part, this has been an editing month for me. I’m primarily working on the sequel to Addict, but I’m also editing the Fahrn Starchaser novella. Both need some rewrites, but given that we’re in the early stages of the books, that’s fine. I’m trying to listen to what people liked in the previous books for both series though, and looking to do more of that while improving on things that readers thought needed work.



Inukai happened, and she went down well! So well in fact that I was filmed for a music video. I’m not sure what cosplay I’ll work on next, but as it is, I’m happy.


And … that’s about it right now. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you’ve all had a great July and have an awesome August to come.


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