Sonic Comics: Speeding On Over To IDW

Looks like SEGA decided that they ‘gotta go fast’ in terms of making announcements! Mere days after announcing the cesation of their partnership with Archie, they’ve confirmed that the franchise is now IDW bound!


So, there are a number of things to note with that. First is that IDW is a fantastic choice as a new home for Sonic and co. I absolutely love their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which is itself antoehr Archie transplant, and they have a ton of other good titles alongside this.

The second thing that it’s worth noting is the line about having fan-favourite and new creators alike on the team. That opens up so many possibilities moving forward. Can imagine Ian Flynn rubbing shoulders with Tom Waltz on the writing? Or Jennifer Hernandez and Tracey Yardley collaborating with Mateus Santolouco and Sophie Campbell on the art?

While the end of the Archie series was, in my opinion, poorly handled, one this is certain: Between the upcoming games, the planned film, and this new team-up, the future is bright for the blue blur and his pals.

7 thoughts on “Sonic Comics: Speeding On Over To IDW

  1. Every cloud has a silver (the hedgehog) lining. It was sad to see Archie get the axe, but at least the franchise sounds like it is in good hands.

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