Archie’s Sonic Comics: Their Fate Has Been Decided

OK, so this is about comics rather than games, but it involves an iconic gaming franchise, so it still fits with gaming week, right?

As a bit of background, the Archie imprint Sonic comics have been around for almost 25 years. They are the longest running comics based on a gaming franchise ever. BUT … for a while now, they’ve also been in limbo. Between lawsuites, Archie switching focus to their Archie comics, and SEGA’s desire to rebuild the Sonic brand, no new releases have appeared.

Well, after a lot of stalling and promising updates that never came, the announcement about the future of the series has finally come:

sonic announce

I was sad as a kid when the UK Sonic The Comic ceased to run. It was a real big aprt of my love of SEGA. As an adult, I’ve been enjoying the Archie comics for some time now. Much like when my childhood series stopped, this does sadden me a fair bit. It’s sounds daft, but picking up the new titles each month from my local comic shop was actually a highlight for me. On top of that, my first comic review on this site was of Sonic Universe 71 – 74: ‘Spark of Life’.

Alas though, all things come to an end. Farewell Archie Sonic. It was a blast!

9 thoughts on “Archie’s Sonic Comics: Their Fate Has Been Decided

  1. I never even knew these comics existed. But then again, with the thousands of different comics that are around, one is sure to miss a title atheïsme point. 24 years is a lomg time though, a very long time indeed. Hopefully the comic will continue in some other form for you 😊

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    1. My guess is that another imprint will be given the license and the series will reboot again. IDW, home of the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, could be possible and would do a great job with it. The real shame though is that the characters they used from the old Saturday morning cartoon likely won’t transition along with the license, which means losing Princess Sally, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, Bunny and Antoine. Still, in sure whether it ends up will be fun. It just needs the right writers and artists being it.

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      1. IDW could be a good choice for this one. They certainly already have a pretty good track record with some really cool franchises like MASK and Transformers, so this one would probably fit right in 😊

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  2. After twenty-five years I hope they were able to end the story in a good place at least. Sad news for the fan base, but I can sort of understand why Sega would want future books not to be tied to an old cartoon that many youngsters probably haven’t seen.

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    1. Nope, it ended just after the start of a new storyline. They did get to finish the Sonic Unleashed adaption at least.
      Aye, you’re absolutely right about most kids having not seen the source cartoon now. It did make me wonder if the next run will be a Sonic Boom adaption though rather than something based on the main games.

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