Blog Post: E3 2017

Welcome, one and all, to my latest gaming ramble. This time around, I’ll be talking about the things that stood out for me at the recent E3. Now, there is one thing to note here: I’m not in the market for a new console unless something amazing comes out. That being the case, if it isn’t compatible with the PS3, Xbox One or 2DS, my interest in the announcements is limited. Which pretty much rules out Sony right now. Also, my taste in games can be a little … odd compared to the general market. That being the case, don’t expect to see too many of the much lauded announcements covered here. You see, there were plenty of things coming through this year, some of which could easily have been overlooked behind the stuff that was getting people really excited. So, let’s have a look at some of the stuff that I noticed for different creators, complete with my favourite trailers.



While the Xbox One X announcement showed off some impressive specs, the price is rather massive. What that tag will do in terms of affecting sales in the long run is up for debate. Still, the thing that I found most exciting was the announcement that the Xbox One family will soon feature backwards compatibility with original Xbox games. That’s potentially pretty awesome! It will come down to the execution though. There are still a load of Xbox 360 games that haven’t appeared on the backwards compatible list, such as the awesome indie-metroidvania game Dust: An Elysian Tail, and having not always been a particularly mainstream gamer does mean that there’s plenty of scope for there not being anything I’m interested in for a long time.

No word on Halo 6 due to it not being ready to announce yet, but given that it was rumoured to only be coming to the Xbox One X, I may yet be disappointed when it is announced. One thing did leap out at me though. While I haven’t gotten around to its predecessor as yet, Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks awesome and is definitely one that I’m interested in. This was probably my favourite trailer to come out of the Microsoft run.




You just knew that I was going to be going hedgehog crazy, right? The whole coverage of Sonic Mania is great, and it really does look like a lot of effort has been put in to ensure that the game captures the feel of the old classics. I also like that some of characters from the more obscure games (like Sonic The Fighters) appear in the background. However, while the retro styling of Mania interest me more in general, Sonic Forces trumps it for me this year. The trailer not only showed off some more of the Create-A-Character function in action, but also revealed the enemies for the game. And what a nefarious cast that is!



Did anyone see this coming? We got a teaser for the upcoming Ataribox console. Not a lot was shown, certainly no games, but it’s intrigued me. I’m gonna guess that it’s a retro thing like the Genesis Flashback and the NES Mini, but you never know. Perhaps Atari are just gonna throw themselves headlong into the fray again?



Metroid: Samus Returns looks like it’ll be blast. My favourite game trailer was probably Kirby Triple Deluxe though. I have many fond memories of the Kirby games, and to get a new one sounds good to me!



As you may have noticed from my review, I rather enjoyed Shantae: ½ Genie Hero. Well, WayForward were at E3, showing off the Pirate Queen’s Quest DLC. I am very, very excited for this one. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t a release date.


So, there we have it. My brief review of the announcements that grabbed me. As stated at the start, with no PS4 in my near future, Sony didn’t really interest me this year. Regardless though, the different companies really came out swinging in one way or another, and it looks like there’s a lot of good stuff to come, no matter your taste. So, what about yourselves? What grabbed you from E3 this year?

7 thoughts on “Blog Post: E3 2017

  1. I have quit gaming alltogether, but I still have a warm heart for videogames, and I do try to keep up with news for games. That announcement from Atari is pretty intriguing though, I used to love retro games. It will be interesting to see what they are coming up with 😊

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  2. OMG! That villain team up in Sonic Forces O_O! How will these heroes prevail? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z. Seriously though, the game looks great. You have some interesting picks overall. Somehow I missed the Sonic and Metroid: Samus announcements.

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    1. They didn’t get the same level of coverage as some of the stuff like Mario and Anthem, so it’s really not surprising. I think that a lot fo stuff kinda slipped under the radar this year. For example, I missed that Sega are re-working the Genesis Flashback so that it’ll run on HD TVs.


  3. From what I hear the Atari console will basically be a PC that you can plug under your TV. If Valve couldn’t get the Steam Box to sell I’m not optimistic about the makers of the Jaguar finding much success with that strategy.

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    1. Hmm…isn’t the Xbox much the same then? The Jaguar wasn’t great (though I do think that the Lynx was underrated as handhelds go). If that’s right then they’re going to need a good marketing strategy if they want to avoid another flop

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