Projects Update – June 2017

Welcome, one and all, to the May 2017 round-up/June 2017 projects update. Yes, this is a little later than normal, but I’m trying something new going forward. I’ll get to that in a bit though. First up, the May round-up!


Postings for May 2017

This month, we’re going to start with a run-down of my top three most popular postings for the month.

3) Crunchyroll of the Dice 2017 R1 – Flip Flappers vs. Plastic Memories. I’m happy to see this one up there. CotD is one of the most fun projects that I work on for the site, and this was a really interesting little battle for me to cover.

2) Cosplay: Inukai [Flying Witch] ‘Making Of Part I: The Face Test’. For the second month on the trot, Inukai makes her way into the top three. On the one hand, that’s marvellous. On the other hand, I’m now in a position where the cosplay may not happen as planned. I’ll talk about that a little below, and hopefully have a roper post up about my back up plan soon.

1) Addict (The Cassie Tam Files 1). Much as with Inukai, I’m very happy with this one. Addict is the most polished piece of fiction that I’ve released and the sales appear to be strong thus far, so I’m glad to see it getting some attention here.

Of course, those were just the top three most viewed posts. The whole month looked like this:


Upcoming posts for May 2017

Right. So, moving forward, I’m going to be posting with a bit more focus. I’ll be sticking with the three posts per week formula, but instead of just posting bits and pieces of everything at random times, I’m going to try theming weeks. This month, that means the following:

Week 1: Anime

Week 2: My Projects

Week 3: Video Games

Week 4: Other Stuff

Anime week has been and gone, but there’s still plenty of fun stuff to come, so stay tuned!


Books and Stories

Now, there’s been a lot going on here. But where to begin …

Addict (The Cassie Tam Files 1) released on May 8th through NineStar Press. The book appears to be doing well in terms of sales, and the reviews have been wonderfully positive thus far. That two different reviewers described the book as ‘Sam Spade meets Blade Runner’ was particularly gratifying, as that was exactly the feel that I wanted for my little piece of lesbian cyberpunk goodness. Please do check the book out!

Teller Tales is in a strange place right now. First up, Ouela received its first review, and it’s a positive one.  This is the second book in the series though. The first book, Basille, needs some corrections done, but I’m holding off on them. As it stands, I’m still talking to the publisher, Black Rose Writing, about dissolving our contract. Once that is sorted, I’ll be re-editing, building a new cover, and re-releasing the book.

Nor’Killik is still set to be part of the Bad Dog Books anthology, ROAR 8. I’ve signed the contract, my fee has been confirmed, and I know that the book is due out in the Summer. I still don’t have a set release date, but the last I heard was that it should be out by Anthrocon, so that would place it between 29 June and 2 July. It was a fun story to write, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can gain a few new fans through it.

To add to that, my flash fiction story Torin has been selected to appear in the Queer Sci Fi anthology Renewal, which is due out in the late summer. Again, I enjoyed working on this one, and I hope that comes across in the final piece.

I’ve written a few other short stories for anthologies this month as well, and have started submitting these to the relevant people. I’m happy with the tales, so my hope is that they’ll all get accepted. If not, I’ll likely post them here for people to read.

I did a little tweaking on the first draft of Cassie Tam #2. As I said last month, Cassie Tam has fast become one of my favourite characters to write, and this continues to be a blast to work on.

The first draft of FAHRN is done. While WICK, CARNIVAL and GIFTS finishes up the Spark Form Chronicles Trilogy, this book is designed to kick start a second story arc. While I’m keeping the details under wraps until the book is ready to go, I do hope that it turns out to be enjoyable for fans of the original trilogy.

Outside that, here’s where I’m at on a base level:

  • Simon Teller 3: Editing
  • Simon Teller 4: Editing
  • Cassie Tam 2: Editing
  • Fahrn: Editing
  • Short Stories: 3 Submitted, 1 in Editing
  • Children’s Furry/Dystopian novel: Planning
  • Children’s Ergodic Novel: Planning



So, Inukai. The response to this has been remarkably positive. The problem now is that it’s not likely to happen at Hyper Japan. The basic gist of the situation is that the make-up artist will not be able to do it on the day, and there’s no way I can do it myself. So, unless something changes, I’ll be following my recent trend of scrambling for a back-up costume. Luckily, I have one in mind. I’ll post the details in a separate post.


General stuff

Life is strange, isn’t it? Long term readers may remember that I qualified as a Teaching Assistant shortly before leaving my day job. Since then, I’ve been in the situation whereby I’m certified but I don’t have the experience to be considered for jobs. As it happens though, I’ve had some luck in that regard! I am now officially working at a local school as a Midday Meal Supervisor. While not full-time, it does mean that I’m going to be gaining the experience that I need to get to where I want to go. So, yay!


Well, that’s about it. Here’s to an awesome June for us all. Thanks for reading everybody. I’ll catch ya later!


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