Projects Update and Month in Review: April 2017

Welcome, one and all, to the end of April 2017 round-up/projects update. This has been one busy month in so many ways, but especially in terms of my own writing. We’ll get to all of that though. First up, as always, let’s begin with a run-down of what’s been happening on the site.


Postings for April 2017

This month, we’re going to start with a run-down of my top three most popular postings for the month.

3) I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying – Why Does It Work? This was interesting to see because it was a pretty random posting on my part. It’s a fun little series though, so I’m happy to see it get some views here.

2) Comic Review: Dreamkeepers Volume 2 – Flight To Starfall. This one was also gratifying to see because there are a lot of people that unaware of the series, and that really is a shame. It starts strongly and has been getting better and better with each volume, so I’m really hoping that I can at least help raise the interest in it, just a little.

1) Cosplay: Inukai [Flying Witch] ‘Making Of Part I: The Face Test’. I’m really glad to see this at the top. Using the NorthFur FX facial prosthetic is new territory for me with cosplay, and the response thus far has been great. So, thank you all!

Now, those were just the top three most viewed posts. The full posting list is as below (in order of posting):

The other thing to note is that the site hits are still growing each month. So, to all readers, both old and new, thank you! Please do keep dropping by!


Upcoming posts for May 2017

I’m not going to give dates this time because … well … they keep changing. Every time I say ‘I will post all of these on these dates’, something causes me to shift them about. All the usual posts will appear though, so that means that you can expect:

  • An anime review
  • A comic review
  • A Crunchyroll of the Dice review
  • Way Cool Wednesday
  • In Desperate Need of Love
  • A Top 5
  • A lot of posts about Addict … we’ll get to that below though

I’m trying to arrange some other interesting side posts too, hopefully including something about cryptozoology, but we shall see how it all goes.


Books and Stories

Well, this has certainly been a busy month for me in terms of writing! First of all, I have a new book out. Ouela is the second novel in my Teller Tales horror series aimed at late MG/early YA readers. While the first book, Basille, was released through Black Rose Writing, this one is self-published. This is not due to any form of rejection of the manuscript, but is simply my own choice. My reasoning for this is not something that I am willing to go into at this point in time, but it was something that I gave a great deal of consideration to.

Next up, we get to Addict (The Cassie Tam Files #1). This will be released through Ninestar Press on May 8th 2017 and will be available in pretty much every format. You can expect multiple posts about this one this coming month because NSP have been arranging a fair bit of advertising for me. What that means is that I’ll be going on a blog tour and so will have some postings to share from other places. I wrote a lot of potential posts for this too, so you may find that I post one or two here as well. Either way, I can in all honesty say that this is my most polished work to date, so if you want to check it out, please do. As a side, I know that the book has attracted some attention already, as it was up for pre-order on Amazon and managed to jump into the Top 100 LGBT friendly Sci-Fi books on Kindle within a day. Thank you to anyone who purchased the book, and long may that continue!

Still no new news on Nor’Killik and its appearance in Bad Dog Books’ ROAR 8 anthology as yet, but I’ll keep you all posted.

My productivity has been through the roof this month. First up, I finished the first draft of Cassie Tam #2. That was particularly fun because Cassie Tam has fast become one of my favourite characters to write, and coming up with the mysteries that she has to solve is an absolute blast! Not only that, but book two is set to flesh out her world a fair bit too.

Meanwhile, I’ve also started work on FAHRN, the fourth book to be set in the Spark Form Chronicles universe. This is a different book to the three before it for a number of reasons, one of which being that you don’t need to have read the other books to understand what’s happening (though you’ll pick up on more if you haven’t). After five days writing (for 1-2 hours per day), it’s currently up to a little over 12,000 words.

I also, of course, had to do the final edit and formatting of Ouela prior to release, as well as building the cover.

Outside that, here’s where I’m at on a base level:

  • Simon Teller 3: Editing
  • Simon Teller 4: Editing
  • Cassie Tam 2: Editing
  • Children’s Furry/Dystopian novel: Planning
  • Children’s Ergodic Novel: Planning
  • Spark Form Chronicles Fahrn Starchaser Novella: Writing First Draft

After writing FAHRN, I’ll likely move onto finishing Simon Teller 3 and editing Cassie Tam 2, but who knows.



Inukai is almost ready to go! Yay!


General stuff



Well, that’s about it. Here’s to an awesome May for us all. Thanks for reading everybody. I’ll catch ya later!


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