Ouela (Teller Tales Book Two)

basilleeimageReleased via MDM Projects
Genre: Young Adult / Dark Fantasy / Horror
Release Date: 16 April 2017
Currently available on kindle
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Book two of the Teller Tales series!

It’s been two months since Simon Teller first joined the godlike fennec fox known as Xera in a deadly battle against a crazed military colonel and a giant mutated spider. Since then, Simon has been playing with both Xera and her brash human friend Carrie Lowry on a regular basis. Even with his Door Keeper skills improving on a daily basis though, nothing could have prepared him for this.

When a flesh-eating tee called Ouela sets up a game set aboard a starship, Simon finds himself thrown in with a ragtag crew of players that just can’t seem to get along. Then, as the danger levels start to rise, Simon finds himself face-to-face with Xera’s long-lost companion Anubis. With his life once again on the line, Simon begins to wonder if he’ll actually live to see his thirteenth birthday …


10 thoughts on “Ouela (Teller Tales Book Two)

    1. LOL. I hope you enjoy it. It is perhaps a little darker than Basille in some ways. I can sort out any editing errors with the book a little easier too. If you want a review copy then let me know.


  1. hey! happy to see other aspiring writers on wordpress. like your work from what I have seen. I am just getting started myself and still getting the hang of the site.
    take a look if you got time
    ~Drow Valhaske

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