Crunchyroll of the Dice 2017 Announcement

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Welcome, one and all, to another of my random postings. As of this month, it’s time for my annual Crunchyroll of the Dice Tournament to enter its second year! Yay!

Now, for those that don’t know what this is, it’s basically a review tournament. I select a number of random shows on the awesome and pair them up. In round one, I watch season one episode one of each pairing, then compare them on several categories. The show that ends up with the most points goes on to round two where the pairings will be compared on season one episode two, then season one episode three in round three and so on.

When I first ran this in 2016, it was wonderful fun. Not only that, but I found some real gems in there. If you want to see how that particualr tournament turned out, you check check it out HERE.

So, you’ll see that the 2016 tournament featured a whopping 16 different series. This year, the tournament will feature 8. The reason for that is that with my increased posting schedule I wouldn’t be able to finish that many match-ups before the end of the year. By cutting it down to 8 series, I will be able to post one a month with no problems.

But which series are involved? And when are they going to be posted? Well, that I can answer:

  • April – Round One (S1ep1) – BRACKET A – Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid vs. RWBY
  • May – Round One (S1ep1) – BRACKET B – Flip Flappers vs. Plastic Memories
  • June – Round One (S1ep1) – BRACKET C -Nyanko Days vs. Beautiful Bones
  • July – Round One (S1ep1) – BRACKET D -Interviews With Monster Girls vs. White Album
  • August – Semi Finals (S1ep2) – SF A Winner BRACKET A vs. Winner BRACKET C
  • September – Semi Finals (S1ep2) – SF B Winner BRACKET B vs. Winner BRACKET D
  • October – Third Place Play-Off (S1ep3) – Loser SF ! vs. Loser SF B
  • November- Final (S1ep3) – Winner SF A vs. Winnder SF B

There are some really interesting pairings there, at least for me. For one, Koboyashi vs. RWBY intrigues me because both shows are ones that I’ve intended to check out before now. I’ve not heard of Beautiful Bones or White Album before, and I know very little about the others other than that Flip Flappers seems popular and I think I know the premise of Plastic Memories.

Anyway, that’s the lay of the land for this year’s tournament. What matches do you think will be the most fun? Any predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading everybody, I’ll catch ya later.

5 thoughts on “Crunchyroll of the Dice 2017 Announcement

  1. I haven’t watched any of these shows. From those eight I think I will root for Dragon Maid because it sounds like a funny/cute series. I think I would dig Beautiful Bones too because I tend to enjoy mystery series.

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