Cover Reveal: Addict

Welcome, one and all, to a very special post. As you may be aware, thanks to the wonders of the PitMad Twitter Pitch Event, I was able to sell the rights to a  novel titled Addict to the awesome Ninestar Press. The book is a cyberpunk/crime noir piece about a Chinese-Canadian PI living in a fictional city built on Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert.

Since signing my contract, I’ve been working hard with the NSP team to ensure that the book is as polished as it can be. To give you an idea of how much time has been put in here, on top of the multiple rounds of editing that I always do on novels before submitting them to places, we also went through an additional three rounds with different editors (all supplied by the publisher). Looking at it, this has been such a help for me personally, because it really has made sure that my writing is tight for this one.

Anyway, there are still some pre-production steps to go, but we’re now nearing the time where I’ll be able to give you all a release date, official blurb and purchase links. Until then though, I am very excited to be able to reveal the rather striking cover for the book! So, without further ado, I give you … Addict.



7 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Addict

  1. Nice cover. As a straight man I appreciate them not using a shirtless bloke, which seems to be a common trend in Ninestar’s books 🙂

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    1. Thank ye. To be fair, the covers with topless males are usually M/M romance, so it fits with the general premise (in much the same way as it does with F/M romance aimed at women). Addict though is more of a cyberpunk novel 🙂

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