Projects Update: January 2017

Welcome, one and all, to the first Projects Update of 2017. Herein, I’ll be talking about a number of things that I have going on. This month, this will include the stuff coming up in February on this very site, news on books, and some crossplay. So, let’s begin.


Postings for January 2017

As per the 2016 Year End Wrap-Up, I intentionally held off posting anything new through January. Instead, I made a point of gathering some posts for February and promoting my top ten most viewed posts from 2016 on Twitter. This seems to have done me some good too as my site views are actually up slightly from December. Does that mean that my aim of continuing growth this year is going to come to fruition? Well, it’s on track thus far, but you never know.


Upcoming posts for February 2017

So, I’ve listed the posts currently queued up for February 2017. I’m working on trying to get one or two more in there too, and those below are obviously subject to change should something come up that causes me to shift stuff about, but as it stands, the schedule is as follows:

  • Friday 3rd February: Anime Review – Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Wednesday 8th February: Way Cool Wednesday
  • Friday 10th February: The reason that life is interesting
  • Friday 17th February: In Desperate Need of Love
  • Wednesday 22nd February: Book Review – Wolf Boy by G.D. Sammon
  • Friday 24th February: Top 5 …

So, those are what’s already in place. There should be another Projects Update at the end of the month, possibly an interview, and maybe a comic review. You’ll notice that I haven’t listed what content will be in WCW on the 8th, what game will be featured on IDNoL, or what Top 5 I’ll be doing … the reason for that is that I want to keep them as a surprise. I don’t mind giving away what things I’ll be reviewing, or in the case of the blog post on the 10th, what random thing I’ll be writing about, but I do like to keep some things back until the day. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy the stuff to come. The key thing moving forward for me is to pack as much variety into the posts as possible, so expect a good mix of anime, comics, games and other random stuff over the coming year.


Books and Stories

So, things are moving swiftly here, though I can’t help but feel that I’m bogging myself down a bit. As it stands, the three Spark Form Chronicles books are getting a few more sales, which is always nice to see. The books are now also available in paperback as well as on kindle, so that opens up an option for those that prefer physical copies to electronic ones. A few more reviews for them would be nice too though, so feel free to drop me a message if you’d like an electronic review copy.

Basille, the middle grade horror novel that kicks off the Teller Tales series, was released via Black Rose Writing this month and is available in pretty much every format as far as I can tell. As a content warning, I really tried to push things as far as the age rating allows here. The story is pretty dark, and some of the violence is a little more graphic than you may expect to find in a book aimed at 9 – 13 year olds. There’s no swearing though, if that helps. Regardless, I have high hopes for the series, so please do check it out. Again, if you want an electronic review copy, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do to sort something out.

No word on a release date for the first Cassie Tam novel as yet, but that’s OK. That one’s a crime noir story with a cyberpunk setting and is signed to NineStar Press. More news will come when it’s available. As it stands, I’ve been going through the manuscript with my editor, which has been a positively painless exercise. The main thing is, I’m doing my damnedest to make it the best manuscript that I can. Fingers crossed that I succeed, eh?

I’ve also been trying something that I haven’t done for a number of years: I’ve written a few short stories with anthology and podcast submissions in mind. As it stands, I can’t go into any detail about what’s been sent where, but if I have any more luck than I used to, I’ll let you all know!

In terms of what I’m currently working on, the list is as follows:

  • Simon Teller 2: Editing
  • Simon Teller 3: Editing
  • Simon Teller 4: Writing (draft 1 about 33% complete)
  • Cassie Tam 2: Writing (draft 1 about 2% complete)
  • Children’s Furry/Dystopian novel: Planning
  • Children’s Ergodic Novel: Planning
  • Spark Form Chronicles Fahrn Starchaser Novella: Planning
  • Spark Form Chronicles Connor Ford Novella: Planning

So … that’s a lot to be doing at once, right? As you can see, I tend to keep pretty busy when it comes to fiction. That’s cool though. I like being able to get these stories out there for everybody to see 🙂



Hyper Japan 2017 is sneaking up! In fact … it’s in July! As such, it’s times to start planning my next crossplay piece. This time, I am planning to go as one of my favourite characters from a recent favourite show: Inukai from Flying Witch. What makes this a good cosplay for me is that it hits a few points that I think will help make it enjoyable for me:

  • She’s a female character, and so fits in nicely with my normal choices
  • Being an anthro, I get to experiment with my fursuit making a bit more
  • At the same time, she’s fully clothed, so I only need to do a partial fursuit, which makes the whole thing a lot easier to build

This time, I’m also hoping to do a proper build diary for the site, so that should hopefully be something fun to look forward to once it gets going. I’ve ordered a few samples for potential faux-fur and I’m waiting for a particular maker to re-open for pre-built head bases (because it may be cheaper than buying and carving the foam myself), but otherwise, I’ve not made any progress as yet.


General stuff

If you look to your right, you’ll see that I’ve added a Facebook button to the side bar. Why? Because I now have a Facebook page! Feel free to give it a like, and I’ll hopefully remember to keep it nice and up to date with stuff.


And that is about it … I think. February is going to be a busy one, that’s for certain. So, here’s to the creation of content that you’ll hopefully all enjoy. Thanks for reading everybody, I’ll catch ya later!

2 thoughts on “Projects Update: January 2017

  1. WCW content? Oh, Way Cool Wednesday. For a second I thought you were talking about wrestling.

    Looking forward to the Keijo review. I haven’t watched the series, but based on my tastes I suspect it would be right up my alley.

    Best of luck with the reverse werewolf cosplay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh, I realised the WCW thing a while ago, but thought I may as well go for it (it’s not the first time either, I name a local wrestling company Riot Act Wrestling purely because the abbreviation would be RAW and so be instantly familiar to fans).
      Keijo was surprisingly fun to review, I must admit.
      I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Inukai. Especially if I can get her jaw working properly.

      Liked by 1 person

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