Way Cool Wednesday: 20 December 2016

Hello one and all, and welcome to another thrilling episode of Way Cool Wednesday, the blog posting where I shove a bunch of links your way with the hope of enticing you to experience some of the things that I’ve stumbled across and found to be cool, fun or both. And with that unnecessarily massive opening sentence, we shall begin a trawl through this month’s theme … 3D platforming animals.



So, I’m old enough to remember the first appearance of our purple scaled friend and his PlayStation rocking shenanigans. Now, I think I may be in the minority here, but in all honesty, I’ve tended to find things to enjoy in all of Spyro’s outings. Or all the ones that I’ve played anyway. Regardless, this video gives a quick history of his gaming appearances and, as a bonus, there’s a two-part article below that also includes a couple of footnotes about the character’s changing appearance. It’s a fun little romp through the history of an iconic character that has refused to just disappear: Part One Part Two




In my experience, Croc is often forgotten in the world of three-dimensional platforming. That really is a shame though because Croc was a superb little game. I mean, c’mon! It had a cute crocodile that wears a backpack and occasionally shouts ‘Kersplat!’ What more could you want? As a bonus, here’s a little bit of history about the game’s origins … as a Mario game: Croc, Yoshi and Platforming



This is a relatively pointless video. But hey, Crash is back! Skylanders Imaginators and Skylanders Academy both feature the Taz-spin-style hero, so why not have a gander at how he’s celebrated over the years? As a bonus, here’s a link to a visual representation of how ol’ Crash’s game shave been perceived over the years: https://crashynews.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/most-peoples-impressions-on-some-crash-bandicoot-games/



We can’t have a platforming post without Sonic now, can we? OK, so his foray into the 3d realm has been … mixed … but Sonic Generations was actually a pretty awesome little game! The only thing that could have improved it for me would have been the ability to unlock the various guest characters as playable. Anyway, as your bonus posting, here’s a cool little run through of Sonic’s history: Sonic History


And that’s it for this edition of Way Cool Wednesday! Thanks for reading!

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