My Geek Box Unboxing: November 2016

So, here we go with the second unboxing in as many weeks. I’ve gotta say, My Geek Box have really outdone themselves this time! When the thing came through the door, you could see instantly that it was a big one, and I mean near twice the size of the last one. How big exactly? Well, here’s the box stood next to my Build-A-Bear Princess Luna. Now, she stands about 38cm tall, so that should give you a good idea here.


Cost wise, this came up at £19.75 (plus transaction fees), so that’s a little higher than the advertised ‘from £16.49’. This, as far as I can tell, is due to the USA/UK exchange rate, so expect fluctuations! Will size equal value in this case though? Well, let’s find out …


Straight away, this jumped out at me. It’s a vinyl POP of Kiora Atua from Magic the Gathering. Am I familiar with the character? No. I am, of course, aware of the game, and I’ve seen many examples of cards over the years. To be honest, I’ve been tempted to play MTG for a long time, but I never seem to find the time to try it. This is a lovely piece though, so there are no complaints from me.


Next up, I noticed a Marvel branded box. The moment I read the words ‘Venom Molded Mug’ on the label, I tore into that thing. Venom and Carnage are two of my favourite things to come out of Spider Man, so this is pretty perfect as a gift for me. It’s well made, and I’m enjoying a lovely cup of tea from it right now while I type. The only problem with that is that it kinda feels like I’m drinking Venom’s brain …


This is (obviously) a map. It’s a huge map. What is it from? Why, JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. I like the Harry Potter franchise, so this is cool enough.

The shirt says ‘Friends Don’t Lie’. I didn’t recognise the quote at all. The picture card (also pictured above) actually has a summary of the contents on the back, and that confirmed that it’s a ‘Stranger Things’ shirt. I had a quick look on Wikipedia and noticed that the shirt is written in the same style as the show logo, which is a nice touch. The short premise online though? It doesn’t do enough to interest me. I’m happy for anyone to tell me why I’m wrong and that it’s worth watching though, so feel free.


Finally, we have Marvel Champions Issue 1. I’ve not really kept up with the Marvel comics for a while, and prefer to dip in and out if I hear about a story arc that piques my interest. I recognise a few of the characters on the cover though, so I’ll happily give it a shot and see if it’s any good.

Now, onto the price hunt. This will be an interesting one I think, as I suspect that the POP and mug may blitz the box price on their own. Let’s see …

  • MTG Vinyl POP: £11.30
  • Venom Mug: £9.99
  • Stranger Things Shirt: £14.95
  • Map: £5.95
  • Marvel Comic: £2.17
  • TOTAL: £44.36

To my surprise, I was able to source all my prices on Amazon this time. Even with the higher box price, this still came up as being worth more than double the price I paid, so I’m more than happy with that. I absolutely love both the mug and the Vinyl POP, so I’m including affiliate links below for both of those. Not a fan of the shirt this time due to my lack of interest in the series, but that’s cool. In all though, this was a marvellous box.

So, what did you all think? A good haul or a waste of money?


P.S. If you like the look of My Geek Box, but you aren’t sure whether to try it or not, then it’s worth noting that you can get a discount by using a referral from me! Either follow THIS LINK or use the coupon code MATT-R69 and you’ll get £5 off your first box! On top of that, it helps me out too because each time that someone signs up using my link, I also get a £5 credit to use on the site. Not in the UK? That’s cool, because they ship worldwide too! So, if you’re tempted by the geeky surprise goodness, why not save yourself some money and help me earn some too?


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