Basille (Teller Tales Book One)

basilleeimageReleased via Black Rose Writing
Genre: Young Adult / Dark Fantasy / Horror
Release Date: 5 January 2017
Currently available on kindle, kobo, nook and paperback
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Book one of the Teller Tales series!

Twelve-year-old Simon Teller is an avid gamer, loves obscure rock music and, much as he’s loathe to admit it, finds his Dad’s favourite 90’s action heroes to be far cooler than the modern teen characters that he’s supposed to admire. He is also very, very bored.

All that changes when Simon meets a six-foot-tall fennec fox  named Xera, and her teenage friend, Carrie Lowry. Together with his unusual new companions, he is thrown into a world of exciting games that he can play while leaving his body behind to deal with all the things that he hates, like school and creepy local homeless girls.

But the games are more sinister than they seem, and Xera’s people view humans as toys to play with and push until they break.

Simon may yet wish that he could go back to being bored … if he can survive long enough to get home.

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