Projects Update: October 2016

Welcome, one and all, to another of my occasional project updates. We’re going to be starting this one with something that I don’t normally do on this site: some personal stuff. Now, the reason I’m broaching this is because it may have an affect on the frequency of my posts going forward, at least temporarily.


Posting Frequency

So, the short version of this is that, after almost fourteen years at the same job, I now find myself unemployed. The business made the decision to close the local offices, and the new office location was not one that I could feasibly get to. After a lot of arguing, I was able to obtain an Exit Package, so I’m not without finances, at least for a while, but it does present some other issues. Obviously, I need to find a new career (hence my recently completing my Teaching Assistant Qualification), but I’m also in a position where I can’t look for a job immediately or I lose part of the pay-out. As you can imagine, this is rather stressful, and so I cannot guarantee that my postings will continue as regularly if things get on top of me. My hope is that this site and my various other project will provide a good distraction from it all, but we shall see.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Let’s see what’s happening in the rest of my world.



I mentioned last time that I was I had some news regarding my children’s horror/dark fantasy novel, Basille. I am very happy to confirm that the contracts have been signed and that the book will be released by the Texas based publisher Black Rose Writing. I am very excited about this as, although I technically have a little control over the title than I do with my other books, to see my work picked up by a professional publishing house is great. On top of that, BRW’s distribution links mean that the book will be orderable through brick and mortar bookstores. The book is tentatively set for a January release, once we’ve worked on the editing and cover design, and I’ll be providing updates as and when I can. Yay!

That’s not all though! My previous two books, WICK and CARNIVAL, have recently had a nice boost in sales. Of course, I highly recommend checking them out. As it stands, they are still only available on Kindle, but that will be changing soon. I’m working on the formatting so that I can put them out there in other electronic formats as well as in paperback. To add to that, after a bit more demand than I expected, I can also confirm that there will be a new story set six months after the end of the Duology. This will be a novella, and will focus on the popular characters John Forrester and Carnival. The working title of the book is Gifts, and I’m hoping to have it ready before Christmas.

I also have another book in the works, a cyberpunk mystery tale titled Addict. I’m waiting on a response from a handful of places with this one, but if all else fails, I’ll self-publish it next year.

Oh, NaNoWriMo this year … I’ve taken part in this every year for a few years now, but i’m not this time. With so many projects on the go, I need to mix up my time a little right now.


Site stuffs

The 2016 Crunchyroll of the Dice has been run. As at time of posting, the results of the final have not been posted, but it’s all queued up and ready to go, as well as an analysis posting. That has been a truly fun project to do! It’s also inspired me to try doing a few different postings rather than straight reviews. As such, look out for some new style postings to start appearing as time goes on.

In Desperate Need Of Love thus far continues to focus on little known or little appreciated video game related things. I have one in mind for the next one, but haven’t had the time to write it yet. That should change soon. You can also look forward to at least one Unboxing a month as I continue a My Geek Box subscription.

Finally, please do check out the Affiliate Links that I sometimes post. If you click them and purchase anything, I get a little bit of extra cash, and that’s no bad thing as far as I’m concerned.


And so ends another update. I’m going to try to get one of these out every month, but you never know how well I’ll be able to stick to that. Until next time though, here’s to moving forward, even through life’s hardships.



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