My Geek Box Unboxing: September 2016

Welcome one and all to my first unboxing post! I’ve been considering nabbing a crate of some sort for a while now and, after watching a couple of unboxings on YouTube, decided that the best one to go for would be My Geek Box from right here in the UK. The site offers a number of different boxes, including the regular My Geek Box, the budget My Geek Box Lite!, the Pop! and Top combo, and the My Geek Box Kids. The pricing structure is pretty simple, with discounts depending on how long you want to subscribe for, and each box of course gives a good mix of items ranging from Vinyl Pop figures to shirts and mugs.

The box that I bought was the standard My Geek Box on a month subscription for £17.99. The box guarantees to provide a t-shirt in every box (you pick your size when ordering) as well as a bunch of other geeky items of goodness. Mine came pretty quickly too, taking only a little over a week after we ordered, and thanks to a voucher code, I’ll be receiving a pair of free Pikachu headphones too. But what of the items? Do they justify the price of the box? Well, let’s find out.


The box itself is actually pretty nice in my opinion. It’s a simple design and built of some good, thick card that’ll keep the times inside pretty well protected unless the local posties decide to play parcel-baseball. To my surprise, when I opened it up there was not one, but two t-shirts!

So the first one there is a Big bad Bot Inc. t-shirt. I’m not at all familiar with this, so I have no idea if it’s an actual thing or just a generic design. It’s well enough made though, albeit not impervious to damage (my dog managed to tear a hole in it when she was picked up, unfortunately). The second shirt is a little more recognisable I think, as it references the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. This is, of course, the bar from the famous cantina scene in Star Wars. The design is set to mimic the Hard Rock Café logo, which is pretty cool.


Next, we have an Adventure Time figure set, in this case featuring Finn and Slime Princess. Adventure Time is one of those shows that I find to be rather mixed in terms of quality. I absolutely love Marceline and The Ice King mind you, and their history together is a wonderful piece of work. In that respect, I would have much preferred to get one of those two in the set, but that’s OK. Even aged 32, toys are still something I can enjoy.


Now we’re getting to the really cool stuff! This poster is huge! It’s really nicely printed, and the take-off of the old Lord Kitchener poster design is charming. This is going up as soon as I remember to buy blue tack.


This ties with the massive poster for my favourite item in the box. It’s a Funko Dorbz model and the character is Elsie from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Now, I’ve only actually played the first Assassin’s Creed, so I’m not actually familiar with the character, but the design is really cute, and reminds me a little of a Russian Doll. I’m really happy with this one.


So that’s the full contents of the box. I did some research to see how the items rack up price wise and by using (except for the first shirt, which I could only find on eBay), the prices come up thusly:

  • Big Bad Bot Inc Shirt: £5.99
  • Tatooine Shirt: £12.95
  • Adventure Time Figures: £7.99
  • Pikachu Need You Poster: £4.97
  • Dorbz: £6.45
  • TOTAL: £38.35

So that means that the box’s value was actually more than double what I paid for it. If I were to rank the items I’d say that I was least interested in the Bot Shirt and Adventure Time set, the Star Wars Shirt is fine, and the poster and Dorbz are really cool. The thing is, you’re always going to find a couple of times in these things that you aren’t keen on in these things, but for the total value, I do think that it’s well worth taking a risk on. For my part, I’ll definitely be picking up another one.

So what do you all think? A good haul or a waste of money?


P.S. If you like the look of My Geek Box, but you aren’t sure whether to try it or not, then it’s worth noting that you can get a discount by using a referral from me! Either follow THIS LINK or use the coupon code MATT-R69 and you’ll get £5 off your first box! On top of that, it helps me out too because each time that someone signs up using my link, I also get a £5 credit to use on the site. Not in the UK? That’s cool, because they ship worldwide too! So, if you’re tempted by the geeky surprise goodness, why not save yourself some money and help me earn some too?

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