Cosplay: Rouge the Bat [Sonic Heroes] – Hyper Japan July ’16

Here be a brief set of making-of photos from my upcoming ‘Rouge the Bat’ crossplay.

Then I broke some of the costume and had to rethink. The result is below. The pic on the far right is by Donald Manning.

rouge 1


  1. Awesome costume, Matt! It catches my attention because Sonic Heroes was one of my favorite Sonic games. A buddy and I always go back and forth on our favorite of the “bad” Sonic games. He says Shadow the Hedgehog was better, but I think Heroes tops it. Anyways, I’m biased towards this costume design.

    1. Thank ye kindly amigo. I must admit, the head on this was great fun to build. Oddly, I never got around to playing either Heroes or Shadow. Both were always on my list, I just never had the money at the right time. The real shame is that Sonic has been so hit and miss with game quality over the last decade.

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