Way Cool Wednesday – 15 June 2016

Hello again, and welcome to another Way Cool Wednesday. As always, I’ve collected some of the fun stuff that I’ve been perusing in my various trips into the realm of internet time wasting, and am now ready to share it with you all. This time around, I’ve made an effort to provide two examples with each ‘Way Cool …’. The exception here is the second listing, which is far too comprehensive to need a second example. 🙂


Buzz Feed

Close and Colourful

So, I am arachnophobic. Spiders fascinate me, they really do, but being near them leaves me shivering and panicky. The exception to this rule are these little blighters. Jumping Spiders have a strange cuteness about them that I simply can’t deny. Hopefully, these photos will convince you of the same.



Ah, Rocketshipping. If you don’t know what this is, it’s the name for the pairing of Jessie/James (or Musashi/Kojiro) in Pokémon. Now, I have no qualms admitting that I ship these two. In fact, in my youth, I do believe that I may have even written a Rocketshipping fanfic (now long lost in the annals of history I’m afraid). This here page gives a pretty comprehensive run-down of the shipping, including a ridiculously long list of evidence for the pairing. Enjoy!


Speaking of cute critters, this is Telephone. Telephone is one of the most adorable things that I‘ve ever seen on the net. If you’re view of the furry fandom is formed purely of the negative stuff that you read online, this will be a long way from what you’d expect. There are so, so many videos of Telephone at various cons, most of which involve her either doing cute stuff or entering dance contests (she seriously dance too, and while in the suit no less). Very much worth checking out.


The Cruxshadows are a Darkwave band. What this means in general terms is that they perform a sort of goth tinged dance music. Even in my days of listening almost entirely to rock and metal, they really stood out for me as an act, and the above videos are two of my favourite tracks by them. In fact, ‘Winterborn’ was in part the inspiration for my old webcomic.

2 thoughts on “Way Cool Wednesday – 15 June 2016

    1. It’s odd, but their jumping is the one thing about them that makes me nervous. Skittering around, wiggling their mandibles in a friendly manner, even walking over me is fine (which is a massive step on my part), but the jumping is so quick it’s almost scary. They are tiny though (like little finger fingernail tody), so that helps.

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