Cosplay: Renamon [Digimon Tamers] – London Expo May ’14

So … I love Digimon. While there isn’t really a series that I don’t enjoy at all, nothing thus far has compared to Digimon Tamers for me in terms of quality, and Renamon has long been a favourite of mine in the franchise. When I decided that I was going to try making a fursuit for London MCM Expo in, I knew that it had to be Renamon. And so I undertook the monumental task of building this thing with zero experience in doing such things. Oh, and then my sewing machine broke just before I started and I ended up having to hand-stitch the whole thing. -_-

Anyway, I didn’t keep as many making-of photos as I probably should have, so what you get below is pretty much it in terms of how the thing was built. Sorry about that. If you keep scrolling, you’ll get a selection of photos taken at the event too.

A LOT of photos were taken by people at the event. By that, I mean well over 100. Almost every time that I tried to take my head to cool down (believe me, a thick costume like this in a crowded hall with no air-con is difficult to manage without doing this … I think I nearly died that day), I’d turn around and there would be a group of people asking for photos. Honestly, I loved it. There was even a staff member at the Manga UK stall that asked not only for a photo hugging me, but for me to do something cute with my purchase … which means that somewhere, there’s a video of Renamon eating a DVD.

While there aren’t any photos on my hard drive, the costume has returned on a couple of occasions: my youngest daughter’s birthday, Halloween 2015 (answering the door to Trick or Treaters), and an office charity event at my current day job.


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