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Hello, hello, hello, and a very merry whatever-day-it-happens-to-be-where-you-are-right-now. It’s been a long old week here, with lots of different things going on for me. That being the case, I’m going to use my post this week to give a quick summary of what I’ve been up to of late, and what I’d like to do next in my various forays into the creative world. So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin!


A Crunchyroll of the Dice
So, the basic concept of this was to make use of the fun I’m having on Crunchyroll by playing a little game with myself. The idea of the feature is for me to pick two Crunchyroll anime series at random and watch the first episode of each, then do a brief write-up of my thoughts on the two episodes and compare them in a number of categories to see which I preferred. For those interested, my first battle pit Love Live! School Idol Project against Sword Art Online, and my second set Wolf Girl and Black Prince against Rio Rainbow Rolls.

Thus far, these have been popular posts for me. In truth, I’m really happy about that, because the first one was put together on a whim when I was at a loss as to what to write about. On top of that, it’s been fun.

So anyway, my plan is to expand this a little. You see, there’s are a whole ton of anime of Crunchyroll, and it would seem a waste to only ever watch the first episode of each series. Therefore, in keeping with the spirit of the posting, I’m planning to do a total of eight first episode battles. The eight winning shows will then move forward into four episode two battles, then two episode three battles, and finally an episode four showdown to crown the champion.

The obvious thing there is that I will have probably have taken a liking to whichever show it is that wins, so will most likely end up watching it in full. After that, I’ll probably start the whole process again with different shows.

Way Cool Wednesday
This was another random feature that I started doing in order to give myself something to write about other than basic anime and comic reviews. The idea was basically to spread some positivity by pointing out cool things that I’ve stumbled across over my time stalking through the ever wacky world wide web. Thus far, this has tended to include a website, a piece of music and other random stuff.

Much like the above mentioned comparison piece, the few that I’ve done have been popular in comparison to other things that I’ve written. I think that the lesson I’m learning here is that my random ideas for regular postings are better than I thought they were. It’s not like I have no intention of doing regular old reviews of stuff at all, but I think that a move to focussing on different types of postings is in order. I’m still not sure on what the frequency of Way Cool Wednesday will be, but it will indeed continue. To be honest, if I hadn’t been horribly ill, I would have done one this week.

Site Refresh
I’m almost there in terms of getting this site the way that I want it. My plans are to do a mild refresh in relation to various pages, mostly in relation to how the various categories display in terms of old postings. That should, in truth, be an easy task. Or I hope it will be anyway. The pages set aside for my various projects will be revamped as well to make them look a little nicer … but I’ll touch on that below.


OK, so I love cosplay, or more specifically crossplay. Now, I’m not going to pretend that my costumes are super-amazing-fantasticular or anything like that, but I have been rather proud of the last couple of efforts that I’ve made. My current effort is, as per my last posting on the subject, Rouge the Bat in her Sonic heroes outfit. How’s it going? Well … it’s all but done now. Am I happy with it? Why yes, yes I am.

Now, remember what I said above about revamps? Well, rather than link everything to other places, I want to keep this place as a central hub for my stuff. As part of my push to achieve this, I want to give each of my favourite cosplays an individual posting. These should contain some candid shots of the creation process, and explanation of how I managed to do what I did, and finally some shots of the finished piece.

Horror for children
I’ve been hard at work on a series of Middle-Grade Horror / Fantasy novels. How hard at work you ask? Well, I’ve just finished the second draft of the third book. As it stands, the first book is being viewed by a couple of literary agents, and I’m hoping that I can get one on board to represent me in respect of the series. If not, there will be some more editing ahead, followed by another bout of self-publishing. The thing is, I have faith in these stories. They’ve been fun to write, and I’ve intentionally let myself wander down a different path than I normally tread with my writing. The number of characters is down from my previous work, the presentation is far more simple, but the ideas are still very me. Each book is self-contained, but still sows seeds to advance an overarching plot. Being aimed at a Middle-Grade audience, they’re also shorter than The Spark Form Chronicles. Speaking of which …

The Spark Form Chronicles
This series continues to surprise me. The response I had to WICK was far more positive than I expected. Sure, it had a few problems (primarily a combination of a few grammatical errors that crept in and a very slow start), but those that have stuck with it seem to have enjoyed it. That made releasing book two in the duology a rather scary prospect. CARNIVAL needed to do a lot of things: it had to finish off the story, set up some things in case I want to return to the universe, and of course, it had to satisfy fans of the first book. Thus far, I’ve been breathing a hefty sigh of relief. Fans of WICK have loved CARNIVAL, proclaiming it better than its predecessor by a fair way. That is so heartening to read, it really is.

So what comes next for this odd little tale that combines WWE, YuGiOh, eSports and AI philosophy? Well, I definitely want to get the compendium sorted. That would contain WICK, CARNIVAL, the rules to the Spark Forming Card Game that the characters paly, and maybe some bonus bits if I feel like it. There are also some ideas floating around in my head for a direct follow-up based around one character in particular. Maybe I’ll have a crack at that one once the other project is done?

I sometimes like to try my hand at doodling this, that and the other. I’ll make some postings around that at some point, maybe post some of my old MLP:FiM fan art. Really, I should get on with the original designs I have in my head so that I can get that RedBubble shop moving, but there you go. We’ll see what time I have.

As a side note, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that keeps dropping by here. That you’re taking time out of your day to read the nonsense that I spurt is truly appreciated. For my part, I’ll keep striving to put up content that’s enjoyable to read, and do my best not to disappoint. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see on here, please do let me know too, I’m open to requests 🙂

So, until next time, enjoy!

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